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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

wat title shud i put??? hmmmm...

well, did u knw that i just titled me post, wat title shud i put???hmmm... n so thats the title..wakakaka...just being LAME as usual...
anyways, is love still in the air even after valentine's??? hmm, i guess not...ppl stoped buying flowers for their gurlfrens...thats so saddening :(
shudnt u--> *guys* gv flowers to ur girlfrens most of the time not only on valentine's day???
that means they only receive a bouquet of flowers every year!!! the horror... O.o
apala...tak boleh pakai la lidat...

well, updates anyone??? haha :)
hmm, was kinda bz preparing valentine's day flowers, for well... valentine's la..DUH!!but actually this year's valentine's isnt as..*well as an expression* HOT as compared to last year's.. ppl dnt seem to be buying flowers anymore..owh well, maybe more ppl are celebrating SINGLE AWARENESS DAY this year...i am in that celebration :)
and so..with less valentine's orders..God actually diverted our valentine's orders into olang mati orders.. there were kinda alot of arrangements for funerals n stuff...which was wat me sis was hoping for coz the profit gained is much higher...so happy us :D
well, its kinda fun goin out to send valentine's day flowers...cn get to see the shocking expressions on the receiver's face..haha..shud have recorded the expressions on their faces on camera n let them see...nyek nyek =.=
there is one saddening part though... I MISSED IGNTE!!!!! arghh...so sad k, cnt hang out with me cute preety girlfrens on valentine's nite...ish..
i was thinking that there will surely be alot of ppl buying flowers n practically me mom wud need me help...manatau, satu lalat pun tak ada =.= sad case nie :(
so there goes me valentine's day...gone with the wind..n every year i rejoice for being SINGLE!!! hahaaha :)

16th february--->MONsterDAY!! aaahhhh :O
i din meet a monster or wateva but i went out with frens :) *in alphebetical order : adelene, ben teoh, chia ming, edward n neil*
we went for a movie and were suppose to meet at 11.20 at nando's...
n guess wat i was the late one..paiseh ppl =.=
me suddenly had to go o the bank n the uncle infront of me who is cashing munny nto his account is shuper rich that he had to put the money into the slot severa times n not all at once.. then i terpaksa wait..n guess wat!! my credit suddenly passed on n i cdnt inform them until neil called...paisehness AGAIN =.=
we watched 'new in town' at 12noon..n the cinema was so shuper unpacked...haha
i think there were aroud 10ppl nie..hehe
n we ruled n rocked the cinema with our loud voices... *sorry to those who were irritated in the cinema...it wasnt me, it was --->them* hahaha..it was sort of all of us except ben the quiet one..so emo-ish lo...
hmm, an as usual adelene was dera-ing a few ppl..ganas-ness...freeky lo..luckily i din kena from her..hahaha..i kesian u neil..ahaha xP
well, the show was ok la..the story line kinda predictable but there were some shuper farney parts la...hehehe..seriously farney n geli abit..hehe
after the show, we went for mum mum at the food court..chia ming itro the tomyam noodles so i tried la..hmmm, it was kinda nice la...will makan it sum other time again :)
then we were juz walking around n fooling around as usual la..
then we went to nike n world of sport to look at shoes..n guess wat!!!! i saw me nike in GOLD colour!!! ish...why la now baru gt gold colour wan....aaarrrrgggghhhh :(
saddening nie...cn sumone just get me a pair of the gold nike pretty please *angelic innocent eyes* ok fine, in everything gv thks n i love me pair of nike the way it is... no regrets :/
after that, we went to TOYS R US!!! hehe..so many rubiks..n i had one n dnt knw where i put it..now i want it back..now a rubik is in my christmas list..muahaha >.<
n of coz, we played with kiddy games there..*am still a kid*
after the kiddy's time, we wanted to grab a drink..at that time, we met chiew ying who is the birthday girl that day.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHIEW YING!!!
then we sat outside dome n chatted awhile until we decided to go to starbucks for sum drinks..
i went for the caramel hot chocolate..its reali nice but too sweet la.. then adelene, edward n neil had some mango juice thingy... also kinda sweet.. i guess starbucks are supporting diabetics =.=''
so we sat n talked n talked n talked till 5 sumthing where all of us have to cabut ad...
but it was a fun time la we had together gether..hope to go out soon again with u ppl :)

and so, another day emerges as the sun rises...hehe.. i like that line n it just came out so spontaneously...me pro-ness..wakakaka..perasaning >.<
anyways, tuesday..chia ming n edward stop by me shop n buat kacau..hehe..
edward loaded a mcd game into me comp n its really fun to play lo...melvin was the one who intro to ed, who intro to me..haha..its kinda nice le n gt strategy wan..
my senior a.k.a chia ming like so holiau lo..play till the company cant bankcrupt lidat wan..just view chia ming's bloggie...haha..RESPECT U!!!
then we walked to midlands for lunch at mcd..there is so much mcd that day..haha
n i met alot of me juniors..haih..make me miss school so so much...aaahhh
n its really great to see them growing..haha :)
then we walked back to me shop n online.. hehehe..watch happy tree friends..shuper geli nie xO
dare not watch ad..haih..too violent..haha
then malam go bible study :)

ystd was just ok la...me had driving lesson ON THE ROAD!! it was shuper freeky n terrifying lo..thk God i din pengsan or made anyone had any heart attack..
well, thks uncle for teaching me how to drive properly :) n thks for the patience...hehehe
anyways, i nearly got killed or mayb knoced by an inconsiderate car driver..
the person just dsnt seem to understand the letter 'L' in front of the car..'L' is for LEADER ma..
follow the leader ma..swt nie the person..must go back to primary sch and drive plastic cars to practice following the leader skills..hehehe
the stupiak driver out of no where suddenly makan into ppl's lane without a single signal or watsoever..wat is this la...thk God the uncle held the stearing wheel n avoided the car..or else i wud have died...haih...THK GOD!!!
btw, i finally got me lisence to be "LAME'!!! wakakaka...n i hate the lisence coz me pic looks so weird =.= me n me weird looking face :( haih...nvm >.<

hehe..well me next update will be on me "BIG MONEY MAKING BUISNESS"..hehehe
so stay tuned if u want more info..
u ppl have a wonderful day & take care :)


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