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Monday, February 2, 2009

wats goin on with LIFE???

wohoo hoo..LIFE has been a roller coaster for me la these few weeks...haha
the sweet, sour, bitter n salty parts of life..nyek nyek..all is well with me n my soul..
my soul havent run out from me body yet or else i wdnt b sitting in front of the comp typing this post..haha :)
anyways, HOW WAS CNY!!!???
well, its was n is still a veli prosperous cny..due to the fact that i am growing in size n my pants are getting more ketat...haih :(
so much food...glorious food..n my tummy cant contain all these food..the agony...
nvm, there are more cnys to come..hehe :)
well, besides the foods...there is this red thingy...all the aunties n uncles gv wan...hmm, i dnt knw wat is it so i threw them into the dustbin...hmm, when the next aunty comes to gv me the red packet i ran away coz i dnt wanna go to the dustbin again..
hmmm, i wonder wat the red thingy is??? =.=''
thats why la this year my profits for my needy organization *MY BANK ACCOUNT*
its due to d economy la, this year me ang pau money shuper shuper little as compared to last year... this is the saddening part...
but fortunately, i had a back up plan...nyek nyek >.<
i already told everyone to gv me 50% of their ang pau money to me needy organization...wakaka
so rmbr to pass me ur ang pau munny... :D all ur donations are much appreciated :P

well, its shuper beezeee this year...i didnt have a reunion dinner this year :(
saddening case nie la...din get to makan my auntie's cooking n din get to visit her hse...hmmm
n my uncle's family caem n stay at me hse...n we din really do anything but watch dvds la..
kinda boring lo....then everday ever since cny eve oso go my mom's shop till now...
din even get to rest :( there wasnt any cny holidays for me...haih...
semua orang happy happy saya pulak kerja kerja sahaja...haih :(
anyways, in everything give thanks la :)

hmm, so it was the 31st of january...n wat does 31st mean????
BASKIN ROBBINS!!!!!!!!!! ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!
haha...yea, n i got to eat baskin again...went to queens with *in alphebetical order* ben teoh, edward, chia ming, melanie, melvin and michelle yeoh... n phaik yong came along but for a while nie...hehe..she came just to see us there nie..so kam tong lo..
i tasted a new flavour...banana n strawberry and i forgot the other flavour...it has vanilla ice cream with caramel n cookies.. its shuper nice la..
then we went borders*i forgot how it is spelled*...haha
went there n look at colourful book covers...haha
then we came across a christian book of comfort... it was really a good book but it is shuper expensive for a small book.. so with my genius-ness, i drafted the nice nice quotes in my hp... clever rite??? i knw i am...wakakka..
after that we went for IGNITE!!!
we had a speaker from sri lanka...but was shuper sleepy to be honest :(
so disappointed with myself...haih..but i was just let by the spirit to just speak in tongues...n seriously God kinda spoke to me...haha..was a great experience la to see how God works..hehe

hmm, then last nite me went to balik pulau just to see food...haih..crazy rite..
haha..the see food there wasnt that nice la as i thought it wud b...but it was ok...
my uncle's fren brought wine n me terpaksa dring pulak..
thank God i din get mabuk n cnt walk straight...then me mom got to bring back the empty wine bottle which is kinda nice la..hehe..then she say she dnt wan..apala...thk God i say i wan...hehe..
so the bottle is mine now, all mine...muahaha..just acting out as a greedy person..

well, today wud b a beezee day.. i am at me mom's shop helpin out...
hv to act as ah long..go around penang collect money from customers...haha
i shud get a fake tattoo so that ppl wud b scared n pay me the money...wakaka
am still in a dillema of whether to work or not due to the fact that i hv to help me mom on valentines day n i might be goin to Kl this month...haih..
this week, wud b kinda beezeee too coz m goin for teori tmrw n practical this wednesday..hehe :)

so, u ppl have a great week n miss me for i wnt be blogging for this week sine i am so beezeee like a bee...haha..
so tune in next week for more exciting news :)
take care n have an awesome week...GOD BLESS YA!!!


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