God Is Writing My Life Story...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

~cHaPteRz oF LiFe~

YO Yo yo!!!!! ppl..LOOK WHO IS BACK IN DA HOUSE????
*booooo...booo...* ok ok, i knw me fault...am so SHUPER SOHREY!!! for not updating me bloggie ler..
life is just so packed with stuff n activities to do..n me even had to abandone me lil personal space in the world wide web...personal time is no more there man..n i mean NO MORE, elek, tak ada, GONE!!!
many of u must be wondering how am i doin n how is form 6 n all...so here is a 1mth whole update on wats goin on with life...hopefully i dont spread the boredom across the world wide web...hahaha :P

!!!FORM ENAM!!!!
hmmm, in some ways form 6 is killing n in some ways its nice to be back in school...with all the various kind of friends with different attitudes n unique-ness..school life is just fun n interesting with them..haha.
me class is now left with 9 surviving souls..n i repeat NINE..SEMBILAN..KAU...so miserable la :(
but we kinda get more attention from teachers n our science4 family can grow stronger in bond...hehe
attention from teachers can get real scary at times...hmmm..example..the withs n withouts of teachers attention..
teacher notices who dnt pass up hmwk...teacher wdnt notice anything
teacher knws everything about u...teacher dsnt knw u in much detail
teacher knw everything that is goin on in class...teacher dsnt bother much
techers are more socialable...hmm, its all bout teaching
anyways, no matter wat..homework is always piling up..bak kata pepatah, 'sedikit demi sedikit, lama lama jadi bukit'..i tot that peribahasa only applies for moneytary issues but din know that it cud actually be used in homework too...O.o
alot of bio assignments to be done..haix..if u happen to have any large bugs pls do catch it for me n donate it to me BUG BANK!!! SAVE THE BUGS...hahaha..thatz what banks are for..to save for u..hehehe
besides homework n assignments...lessons are kinda boring la most of the time..the scenario: snooze!!! teacher on the other hand..explaining!!!
i knw i knw..u must be thinking..eh, form 6 hard k..sumore dont pay attention in class..am so sohrey k..things in form 6 is getting complicated n me dnt have the mood to study...exams are in mid-august n i am not even prepared for the outcome of it.. =.='' sumone pls HELP me regain me mood...wud really well appreciate it :)
hmm, teachers are great but some just cant teach la..no offense..dey dont even knw wat they r saying or teaching =.= totally GONE with the wind...haix..i pity them too..coz we dnt seem to understand wat they r saying or trying to explain..hmm..thk God some teachers r really funny n nice to learn from..hehe :P
so, thk God for tuition...without tuition, i dnt knw wats gonna happen to me..haha.
sumtimes, activities will be so hactic that have to stayback for co-curriculums n after that tuition pulak..so, if u see me panda eyes pls don't remind me that the black rings ever existed under me eye bags...hahaha..

>>funnest n coolest activity recently participated in<<
ROOM 77!!!!!!! wohooo!!! its the awesomest event of the year man!!!! i want to have a 2nd round of it!!! aaaahhhhhh :O goin gila n happy to see so many ppl worshipping God in spirit n in truth...
everything went so well in God's timing n i really believe everyone gave their very best on that nite :) TOTAL AWESOME-NESS!!! respect n appreciate everyones dedication n devotion towards the event n made it a success... PRAISE GOD!!! FANTABULOUS!! its totally beyond wat words can describe..but i assure those of you who didnt manage to attend..no worries..there is always a next time..plus u r always welcomed to join our IGNITE YOUTH every saturday from 7.30pm onwards at Hunza Sanctuary..hehehe.. for more info, do log onto: www.pf-igniteyouth.blogspot.com
to those who attended the ROOM 77, spread the fire u ppl..haha..n do join us too at IGNITE YOUTH!!! cant wait for another great awakening!! n thru this event may we grow deeper n closer towards the Lord n see His Mighty hands working in us n thru us in our everyday life :) keep the fire burning u ppl!!
next up...TRANSFORMERS!!!
its the bestest best show ever...its a MUST n MOST watch man..too bad was oni able to watch it once :( nvm nvm, there is always a solution to every situation :) n most of u knw wats the solution..nyek nyek..shoo..secret k..haha
its a shuper fantastic show n i really respect every single cast n crew who made the show so awesome..
BUMBLEBEE is shuper CUTE!!! tak tahan-ness...for those of u who havent watch the show yt..pls pls pls dnt miss out the opportunity..TRANSFORMERS ROCKS!!!
transformers company should pay me for advertising the show for them..hhehehehe...money-faced $.$

life is like a box of chocolate...we dnt knw which flavour we might choose at times n often we hope not to get a bitter flavour ..same goes when we go thru something, we can just hope for the best..life is kinda complicate for me now..there r so many choices that i have to choose..n i just want everything to go according to God's will...He is my Lord n He guides n leads me..i dnt wanna land myself in a massive problem that i make for myself..wat if i make the wrong choice???i have to make a u-turn or find the next round about to get back to the right track.. i just dnt knw whether the choices that i make is wat God has planned for me..How is He guiding me?? Leading me?? am i hearing my own voice or His voice..is it wat i want or wat He wants for me??? i am just not sure or assured of where i am rite now...things r getting shuper complicated..
stress is just apart of life...but how long must i stay in it?? i just constantly worry bout anything n everything...i just dont knw why..why am i so doubtful of His plans?? am i not trusting in Him fully?? i dnt even knw whether me actions r right or not.. am i living according to His standards or the standard that i set for myself??
so many questions...so many worries..haix..
i just wanna surrender everything to Him..n run back towards me Heavenly Dad..i dnt trust myself but i wanna start trusting in Him..
i just ask of ur help to pray for me :)

anyways, i really hope i can keep u ppl updated on wats goin on in my life..
but if i cudnt..pls forgive me..too many things to do n have to catch up on..
hope u enjoyed me post n pls do give me some feedbacks on anything :)

xoxoxoxxox ~gladz~ xoxoxxoxoxoxxox

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st class outing + movee + music prac = AWESOME DAY!!!

to where?? BOTANICAL GARDENS!!!!
do wat?? catch bugs or to be more specific flying butters...wakakaka >.<>
anyways, to update u ppl on me day out with 8 guys n another girl..
attendance list : adrian, benny, dhinesh, gladys <---me, james, jia jun, saj, thana, wallace and wei sheng...
so, 10 ppl hunting for flying butters in botanical gardens at 7.30am..
well, not really 7.30am..more like 9.00am due to sum MAS flight delay..hahaha..malaysians, unpunctual-ness..not all but sum..but it made a 1hr 30min delay..hahaha

wallace aka sista aka brudder aka teddy bear called *hp rings- meant to live ringtone*
me: hello...
wallace: where u??
me: at heritage la..
wallace: huh?? wat heritage??
me: the heritage la..straight ahead is botanicals d la..
wallace: owh owh..ok ok..faster come la..
me: hana hana..bye

in sight: wei sheng *class monitor*, wallace n jia jun...

walks to botanical office to get permission to catch buggsies...office closed..haix :/
the office was just a short distance from the entrance n wallace was panting for breath ad when we reach the office...hahaha..farney-ness :P
then walk back to entrance...saw dhinesh n thana..
manatau, we found out saj din go fetch benny...alamakz..
hmm, nvm..we go rescue ppl from being bored at home...drove to paya terubong in 2 kancils..

was in dhinesh's car with me sista/brudder.. while the others were in wei sheng's car..
wei sheng drove like the wind n we couldnt catch up n dhinesh dsnt knw where benny stays at pulak...lost!!!
we then detoured to wallace's mom's place to makan...sounds like amazing race lidat nie..hahahaha
anyways, wallace's mom sells good lam mee..really nice ler..the kopitiam where his mom is located at is opposite lam wah ee hospital n next to esso petrol station...do visit da place n try the LAM MEE..hehehe :P

adrian called...
adrian: hello..where are u ppl??
me: umm, we eating..will be back at botanicals in 15mins...
adrian: owh ok..
me: wait for us at entrance le ok..
adrian: ok..bye

reached botanicals again n everyone was there..FINALLY!!!
walked to the office to submit our permission letter n ask whether can catch flying butters..
wasnt allowed to do so :( wasnt allowed to catch in botanical gardens but outside the perimeter of it...ok lo..we kuai kuai students of lower 6 sc 4 ma hike up the hill leading to penang hill lo..

get nets from dhinesh's car...hike up the hill..
the starting of the hill was killing at first sight ad..so steep but cnt be compared to the ns hill me hiked in perlis camp...swt-ness..
thk God me manage to hike up slowwwleee..hahaha
there was this 73 year old uncle who suddenly approached me n asked me hw old i was..
uncle: hey, how old r u??
me: 18yrs old...
uncle: owh..guess how old i am then..
me: ummm..ummm..60???
uncle: *giggles* am 73...
me:*jaws drop!!!* speechless.....
if a 73yr old uncle can hike up the hill n hike even faster then us 18yrs old ppl...dead la lidat..haiyo =.=''
rest more than hike..hahahaha
try catching flying butters of different shape, colour n size...
the bigger the better!! the more colours, the awesome-er!!!
n thk God we managed to catch a few...the harvest was little but we managed to gain experience in catching butterflies...nyek nyek :P
hiked down..down..down...hehehe..
finally we reached tanah yang rata...hahahahaha...kiss the ground man...was feeling very tired ler..but it was sum fun outing...met sum monkees, catch sum lil teenee weenee grassyhoppers n sum butterflies...
sat on jia jun's bike as she fetch me back to me mom's shop...was a gud experience being able to sit bike after dnt knw hw many yrs..phobia gone..wohoo..
went back office..mandi..n get ready for movee at gurney..
at 1 sumthing, wallace came to me shop hoping to eat at the kopitiam next to me mom's shop...manatau, mondays not open..so he was miserabally sitting at me shop watching mall cop..he was kinda afraid of mom coz mom was fierce looking..hahahaha...indeed she does look fierce at times...i think he nearly fainted or something but luckily he didnt...finally dhinesh came to fetch us at 2 with leonard n jia jun as well...went gurney..shuper hungry, so went mcd to grab a quick bite...makan..makan..makan..decided on a show...guess wat!! nite at the museum..AGAIN!! hahaha...this is the first time me watch a show twice in the cinema..hmmm..nvm ler..show started at 3:15pm so went for a spin on the daytone race course before the show n killed some horrifying blood thirsty zombies..haha..
after the second time watching the show..me n kenneth conclude that the farniest part was still the part when octavious n cute jedediah were showing off sum fighting skills buy slaying ppls shoes...kenneth oso watch the show twice ad...hahahaha..pity us..
after that, we went to the swimming pool to shoot sum balls into sum holes...meaning, go play pool la...hehehehe >.<
managed to score sum but in the end loss by 2 balls...it was a gud game..hahahaha..
din get a taste of green tea frap!!! ish..tak tahan..must have a sip..a sip will do...i do not ask for more..just a sip...
hw i wish rain were to taste as good as green tea frapp...fuyoh!!! the awesome-ness!!
after sun down...went to church for the concert prac...
practise was awesome...finally everything running on course..Praise God n Thk God...hahahaha
had loads of fun :)
after prac..went to goodall for supper..din eat just drank but talked n talked n talked..
reached home at 12midnite...read nineteen minutes for 19 minutes.hahaha, jk jk...a book i choosed from the selection of books me muet teacher lend us...hehehehe..
den go oink oink...wasted din travel to aust to meet hillsong group in me dram airlines..haix..hopes shattered :(
well, thats it for the updates that i am bring u..have to go type.type.type.n type more cards..am bezee.bezee..
take care ppl n stay tuned soon :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thousand apologies for not updating me bloggie...
truth be told: i am shuper shuper bezee with form 6 stuff..
truth be told: was actually lazee as well..
hahahaha :P
anyways, at least i got the inspirasi to blog now..or else i think i wud have just shut down this blog mer..hehe..
so, wats goin on in form 6???
form 6 is kinda tuff even at the beginning nie..so, i cant imagine wat i will be facing in the future to come =/ :S
its freeky with all the new information bombarded to me face n i am suppose to remember every single detail..n considering the fact that i havent been studying ever since spm, I FORGOT EVERYTHING!!!!! seriously, i cant remember a single thing i studied before.. owh my memory, why have thou forsaken me :S
n the worse part of all is cassy aka me daughter went for matrics n leave me rotting alone in class with no idea wat the teachers are teaching n making me lonely in most classes...its not that me classmates arent doin a gud job keeping me company, but ntgh can compare to a fren whom u knew ever since like standard 5... but i thk God for cool n friendly plus farney classmates!!!!
after the hols when most ppl migrate to other classes n all, our lower 6 science 4 will be left with 2 girls, n 8 guys...imagine 10 students in one class..how fun is that??!! hopefully some mgs girls will be transferred to our class so that it wdnt be so boorrriiiinnnnggg...the more the merrier ma..hehehe >.<
teachers on the other hand are ok nie ler...sum boleh bersosial n sum kinda farney ler..we kinda laugh behind their backs n they wud stare at us weirdly with a question on their face "wat r u laughing at??" O_o
but anyways, ITS FARNEY!!! wakakakakakaka...
so its holidays again!! wohoo..yipee!!! not so for me :(
our class have to go find buggsies for our bio project n we are heading to botanical gardens to catch all these creepy crawlies on monday..a hike plus a treasure hunt where the treasures can crawl n make girls scream at them..eeks =.=
after that a movee at gurnay if possible..hehehehe :)
first outing with new ppl...cool n awesome-ness...
n the rest of me next two weeks on this earth, i have to STUDEE...hear me loud n clead..STUDEEEEE!!!! gosh, how boring wud me holidays be man..tell me the truth, its boring rite??
haix, i knew the answers is yes..but pls look me in the face n tell me it wdnt be boring...plsssss....
i know i am getting really lame now n i guess its due to the lack of sleep n the fact that i cant accept the fact of having to studee like crazee during the hols...so i guess i shud stop the lame-ness and just put a period rite here--> .

toodeloos ppl..dnt wanna get u ppl infected with me lameness.wnt be updating for another couple of weeks so pls dnt waste ur time checking for updates on me blog..hahahaha..jk jk..
do drop by to re-read me post n have urselves laughing at me..no worries..i know i bring joy to me readers..wakakaka..perasaning..
take care n till next time..
adios..God Bless :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the search for ME, i discovered TRUTH.
In the search for TRUTH, I discovered LOVE.
In the search for LOVE, I discovered GOD.
In the search for GOD, I FOUND EVERYTHING.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

YO!!! MISS ME???

announcing the return of the blog-mistress..*applause n crazee shouting in excitement*...GLADYS HO YEE THENG aka GLADUS HO YEE THENG aka GLADZ aka GLADZTER...

*blog mistress walks up on stage n gives speech*

Blog mistress :
I just know u ppl have been missing me lots, rite?? *stares in expectation of nods in agreement* anyways, just to let u knw, i didnt miss anyone at all..so the truth is out..u may now slap me on the face n wake me up from this dream...

wake-ie wake-ie u silly blog mistress..*slaps*..take a step into reality.. *doosh*

>>wee woo wee wooo waaa wee woo waaa>> >>>veee-ooonnnggg>>>

Gladys : woooowwww!!! *doosh- suddenly landed in a blue page filled with words* hmm, where am i at i wonder?? lets check this out... wow, this reads "god is writing my life story''...
hmm, tuesday, march 10, 2009...wow thats like 2 mnths ago..this must be sum abandoned wall of writing n stuff...eekks, look at the spidey webbies *points points*

Blog: DUH!!! who is the one who din keep on updating her bloggie?? till now oso no ppl visit her blog ad...u tell me la..

Gladys: YIKES!!! who was that...hmmm, must be someone wanting sum answers or sumthing... anyways, am so disappointed with the person who din update her blog ler..how can lidat wan.. must be responsible over sumthing that is given free to u mer,rite anot??

Blog: wow wow wow.. look who's talking..O.O

Gladys : ummm, me??? O.o

Blog: u got it there...didnt u knw that u din update ur bloggie for a long time n this is ur blog n ur blog is talking to u rite now..haix..am so so disappointed in u..wat a blog mistress i have..u have done it once, n u've done it again...rmbr the last time..haiyo...

Gladys : did i ever had a blog *hits head with palm*...alamakz!!! i HAVE a BLOG...how cud i forget..its like all me random rants n lame-ness all compiled into a page..ish-ness..why am i always so forgetful..dang, must get external hard drive for me brain ad..hahahaha :P

Blog: dis aint a joke u silly girl...its a matter of me dying..when less ppl come in, spiders will dominate me n i will sooner or later fade away from the memory of blogs...see how crucial that wud be..

Gladys : wow, such an impact huh...well, i am back nw so i wud be updating u n writing on u..hehehe..so wud u forgive me?? PLS.......

Blog: u r forgiven...just rmbr to take goodie care of me..hmmm..

*blog-mistress n bloggie..REUNITED!!!!!*

wohhooo hoo!!! i am back from NS ppl..n thats no biggie news rite..n its kinda out-dated news...so, u ppl who just knw that i am back in penang...boo urselves!!! u have the word OUT-DATED written across ur forehead..just go check the mirror n see...hahahaha... well, i guess no one missed me la since i was away n surely everything went all logical without me around to make things lame n unlogical..nyek nyek nyek..
am really sorry for not updating me blog n din say guddie bye to u ppl before me flew to penjara...hahahaha..*indian slang* THOUSAND APOLOGIES!!! i am wrong n guilty :(
anyways, to those who miss me..u dnt have to miss me no more..hahaha..u can see me till u pa pa or shall i say full full..hahahaha >.<

>>NS aka National Service aka PLKN aka berkhidmat untuk negara>>
many ppl have been asking me alot of questions bout me in ns n all..the only thing i can tell u is that, NS IS GREAT BECAUSE OF THE FRIENDS!!!!
food and facilities n the pentadbiran there aint that nice la i can tell u...other camps maybe better than mine but thk God He gave me perseverence n patience n strenght to go thru all these..
to be very honest, i have no regrets goin for NS..n besides that, i made great friends..hehe :)
the experience is munny cant buy k..really thk God for friends, dnt knw hw wud life hv been in NS without them..eventhough its just for like 6 weeks, we did everything together, thus the bonding is really there..so now, i really am missing them..
some of me frens are still continuing their training till the end..while some sambung belajar like me..
so when ppl ask me whether i am goin back to camp??... YES I AM!!! to visit me friends..nyek nyek..n to visit padang besar..din really got a chance to do that..so saddening rite T.T
the trainers there are kinda farney, sum kinda tak munasabah at the things dat they do n they are very friendly la..hehe :)
there are tonnes of activities done there..me just got to do flying fox, creative games, kayaking, water confidence n low rope activities...hehe..too bad was unable to hold M16..so disappointed..all me frens from other camps pulak get to shoot ad..haix..tak tahan nie lo :(
hmm, i went to Perlis Grace Church which is an Assembly of God church..the church is a new church n there are about lss than 50 members only..the members there are super friendly n every one notices u..n we have lunch in church where sum of the members cook n bring the food to church..how cool is dat!! hehe..
~~wud just wanna thks veryn's family for comin in every week to visit us n for bringing food n all those stuff to make us feel more at home..hahaha..thks for fetching me back to penang too :)
really appreciate all your help!!!~~
~~thks to me sis too :) love you loads!!! really appreciate ur help n frequent visits..thks for everything n sorry for mahuan-ing u :P ~~
so, for more info bout me NS chapter..pls do contact me at 016-1234567..wakakaka..just find me, u knw where i always am..nyek nyek >.<

so, the new chapter of life just flipped open before me eyes...with blank pages to be written in my own hand-writting..haha :)
FORM 6!!! at SXI!!!
fu-yoh...i am all grown up!! i sheriouly cant believe that i am in form 6 now n its already soon to be the middle of the year..i didnt rmbr me doin anything beneficial the passed 5 mnths..i cant believe i wasted my time just like dat..haix..am kinda disappointed myself n now i am facing reality again..i didnt even had enuff rest after NS n now i am back to school life..hmm, so tiring actually..
many ask me..why form 6?? --> firstly, no munny for college..second, dnt knw why application for jpa tidak diproses n i had the acknowledgement letter saying they accept me application form ad..thirdly, din get matrix..i dont mean the show, stay on the same page with me pls.. *acting sherious but giggles* then i kinda had the peace of God that form 6 was for me n where i shud be la..hehe :)
how's form 6?? --> well, just went thru orientation for 3days n the teachers are kinda ok la.. umm, kinda scary n unsecure n doubtful of me being in form 6..whether its really wat God wants me to go thru or not..all the subjects are tough i knw n me have to buck up n work shuper hard..fulamak!! hopefully i can keep up to the standard n cope with me studies...just dont have confidence in myself that whether it is possible for me to go thru these..whether i can get into Uni..am i able to score for STPM..i am just messed up..dnt wanna go my own way coz His way is higher than mine but can i really take the pressure of the plan He has for me..i dnt wanna struggle in my own will..n i dnt wanna waste me 2yrs studying n nt being able to masuk Uni..i just dont knw ler..haix..GOD HELP ME!!! gv me strength to believe in You n surrender all to You...pls do pray for me, thats the most important thing i need now..hehe :) thks lots friends :)
wat i like bout saintz?? --> the sch i mean..hehe..umm, the sch kinda big but the class that me am in is kinda too stuffy n too small for 20 students..haha..woops, thats kinda the wrong answer for the question..but anyway, who cares..me blog mer..hahahaha..umm, food there is nice n cheap..thks to edward for intro-ing the curry mee n fried rice..haha..me classmates r kinda great ppl..just got to knw them today, like names n their interests..haha..

greater things are coming n i hope i will be prepared for it..this is me updating u ppl on me lyfe..for more info just drop by to say hi n ask me ques..will try to answer ur interview..hahahaha..pls continue to pray for me :) apprecaite it alot!!!
have an awesome week n take care :)
God Bless You!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dRiVing +haIR dISaStOR+ PaRtY + FaReWeLL = How liFe is Meant To Be...hmmm

well, first of all..to all my fellow readers, i am really sorry for not updating me bloggie..n make u guys wondering of wat has happened to me..hmm, or maybe not..ahahha :P
anyways, alot has happened recently that i didnt have the urge to blog bout it..tak ada inspirasi ler agaknya...so this will be kind of a long post..so please do bare with the length of it..ehehehe :)
ok, so take another glance of the title again...(obedient nie lo me readers..hmm, i controlled them-muahahaha) sori..that was just me being LAME again..ehehe =.=

>>>Driving lessons>>> *vroom vroom...eeeeeekkkkk....bang.....splat...eeeyor eeeyor eeeyor*
ok..i admit the eeeyor part sounded like a donkey but it is meant to be ambulance sound..
no worries, nothing happened to me during driving lesson la...just sounding the atmosphere if i were to drive on the road...so better pray that u wudnt be on the same road as me while i am driving or in da same car...hahaha XP =.=
back to the topic..driving lessons always gives me the scare n jolt of adrenaline...n i always come home thanking God for letting me survive on the roads of penang n so as the driving circuit..hehe :P
well, i am still a noobie noob noob ler at driving not as holiau as sum other ppl ler..
driving to me is like a game of mati enjin..the more times u mati enjin, the greater the chances of u winning the game..so mati enjin is a GOOD thing...NOT!!!! hahahaha
and so, that describes me being on the road causing loads of impatient ppl to make nasty sounds..ehehe...*my fault -guilty*
thk God i manage to lower down me high score everytime i go for lessons...n therefore, will someday lose in this driving game i invented...ehehehe :P *hopefully*
ummm, i really sux at me clutch n accelerator thingy...i admit that i am terrified of stepping on the accelerator but i like goin shuper fast in cars...that means, i love everything that is fast but i am scared of goin fast...i can see the blurr stared...ahahaha...nevermind the last few sentences if u dont get me...hehehe :P
keeping in the track... due to the unablement of controlling both clutch n accelerator..MATI ENJIN lo...haix...i am so good with that while driving..hehehe :)
i still love parkings n three point turns...so cool n yet frustrating due to the stupiak stearing wheels which are so tight...ish..tak tahan-ness =.=
as for bukit...i am still mastering the skills of it...its partially still roller coaster-ish..haha :P
thk God this time i din manage to drive home n get meslef killed or even killed someone..haha..
so all went well with the driving lessons...cassy is real good ad ler..tak ada mati enjin ler..RESPECT!!! hehe...so proud of me daughter..nyek nyek :P

HaiR DisasToR :(
i went for a hair cut due to me long fringe n the upcoming open heaven conference actually...i wanted it long coz it wud be much more convenient for me during NS...but now, my hair is cut n i dnt really like it ler...some parts of it is ok but the rest is for me to sob at.. T.T
anyways, let me convey the story of me having this hair style... *be prepared with sum tissue*
i went to a hair saloon near farlim area just becoz me sis intro me there..n her neighbour was working there too..anyways, i was ok with it ler..n so, i was to choose me hair dresser or hair cutter i call it...hehehehe...so this big tuff guy with tattoos on his arm was like coming towards me la..then i tau its him d la.. i told meself 'dnt judge a book by its cover...everything will turn out fine'...and so, i described how he was suppose to cut me hair n so on n so forth..
*snip snip snip...ta daaaaa...doooossshhh*
ugggghhh, tak tahan-ness..he cut me hair like gangster..but kinda cool to me ler since i have always been saying i wanted a guy-ish hair cut..mmm, wish come true...hahaha..
but it was awkward ler, so not suit me personality la *sobs*
so me sis, felt shuper guilty coz she was the one who intro me to this saloon...due to the guilty-nessm she suggested that i shud go to me former hair saloon at rifle range there...
*vroom vroom vromm...eeekkk...ting tong...*
sat down at the black chair...me hair dresser stared at me hair n was in shock..ehehehe...wasted i din snap a pic of her reaction..hehehe :P
she was good enuff to touch up for me ler..thk God...now me hair is how the way u see it la...it is not as bad as the 1st wan, THK GOD!!!
if i didnt go back to me former hair dresser..i think ppl wud think that i am a gangster's daughter or sumthing n everyone wud fear me a t NS...hmm, if i were to stick to the first hair cut..i wud get a tattoo...as in a fake wan..ehehehehe ...just kiddin..

yesh, party party...neil had his early bbq b'day party at paradise beach n it was kinda fun..
it was the first ever b'day party he organised for himself n it turned out well...hehehe :P
it was kinda long since i ever walked the beach n talked to me girl frens...plus me got to know a few other ppl...cool-ness :)
me had a good time ler chatting n stuff lidat...hehe..
b4 the party started...rev.dr.low chia ming was getting hungry n so, since ananda was just across the road..we * rev. dr. low, ed n me* walked across n feasted...heheheh
not reali feast ler but just nibbled sum food...CHICKEN MASALA!!!
shuper nice...i get addicted to that all the time...hmmm, i wonder whether they really doped the chicken masala or not...hahaha
anyways, we ate alil..n walked back across to paradise where all of them were carrying cartons of can drinks n food stuff..just about to get ready for the bbq..
the girls obviously just stood there n do nothing...ahahhhaa >.<
so, me, nicole, adelene and me new found fren; kylie plus cass who was on the phone just walked on the sandy beach...long time ad din do such stuff..
we talked n laughed...me n ning-kong-ley aka nicole did some stupiak baywatch stuff...hehehe..
adelene n me just talked n so was cassy n me..hahahaha..wat other things can girls do except talk...hahahah..we are bonded to talking...eheheheh >.<
then bbq-ed lor...ate more marshmellows ler so kena sugar rush sikit...hahaha..
we had the cake cutting ceremony n splatting cake on neil's face...
around 11 sumthing nearly 12 lidat we, girls went to the room which neil booked ler..
we played bluff while the guys cleared stuff...hehehe..on d way up, the guys poured ice on neil which the girls failed to witnes that..hahahaha
but everything turned out good n fun :)

FaReWeLL to Rev.Dr. Low Chia Ming...
the person above just left penang yesterday morning...n so, he had a farewell on sunday evening..
we went to red garden for bbq-steamboat..there were about 15 or more of us there..hehe
so, we ate ate n ate..thks michelle for feeding me..keep on putting food on me plate..ehehehhe...hehe..the jelly there was the best of the best..i think i ate 4 cups of jelly..hahaha..was full at the end of the day...
so we head off to sunset bistro again...my 2nd time there..before that, me called neil whether he wanted to tag along..n so he did..we went to fetch him n after that ended up at sunset bistro..
there were kinda alot of ppl there la..haha..get oursleves seated n ordered drinks..wohoo
me had fake peach tea..which was actually the nestea peach tea..but it was ok..haha :)
manatau, all of a sudden it started to pour like puppies n kittens...n sum had curfew so most of them left ler... the remaining ppl : rev. dr. low, man yoke, edward, melvin, ivan, neil n me...headed to khaleel *i dnt knw hw to spell that* hahaha
we cakap~ed n cakap~ed until everyone wanted to head home..
that was the end of the day...hehe..farewell senior!!! we will miss u...hehehehe..RESPECT!!!

so that was basically how me week went...am still not ready for NS as in i havent packed yet..no worries, me havent got the anxious feeling of getting me results..dnt ask me why..
n i am having me driving pre-test tmrw..me jpj driving test wud be on the 19th, one day before i leave for NS..haha :)
so, this is how life is meant to be... i am still trying to embrace n tkae things one step at a time n looking to God.. thks alot to me frens for giving me all ur support, comfort n prayers :) love u ppl loads *hugs*
thks readers for reding the post till the end.. u have finally read a 1000 word essay..thats a great achievement..give urself a clap *clap* so proud of u, surviving me post...hahahaha :P
thats all for now..Hav an awesome day n GBU :) *toodles*

Thursday, February 26, 2009

:S :( T.T O_o -MIXED EMOTIONS- :) :O =.= xP

ok ok..i am so sorrie i dnt have the inspiration to blog bout me biggie buisness thingy yet but i assure u that the post will b coming to cinemas real soon..umm, not cinemas i meant but me bloggie..hahaha :P
anyways, nowadays ppl have been facing the economy downturn while i am facing an emotional downturn pulak...huiyo..dnt knw wats goin on with me..mayb just goin crazy n all..hehehe =.=''
i must seriously see a doctor or just admit meself into the psycho ward la..*talking to meself - gladz, dnt say such negative stuff...okay :( *
well, its not that bad till i have to see the doc la..its just that there are TOO MUCH goin on..n i can repeat that TOO MUCH *screams*
i just have so much to feel all at one time..huiyo..its so sickening lo :(
so, wat am i feeling rite now?? the answer: I DNT KNOW!!!
why must we have feeling anyways?? how i wish i can be a robot..no need to worry n feel so much..haha..but not fun oso cant feel happy wan.. ok, just chuck the last few sentences bout me being a robot away :S
i am having symptoms of EMOTIONAL DISORDER O_o..FREEKY!!!!

and so the story goes...
well, i kinda sent in a letter to the jabatan which is in charged of national service to change me to the 2nd batch where my orignal kumpulan was batch 3..
n guess wat? my application passed..therefore i am goin for NS 2nd batch which is from the 20th of march till june the 8th...
i am stationed at camp guar chenderai, padang besar, kangar, perlis..haha =.=''
i heard its kinda ulu n one of me fren is currently stationed there..
so, u might ask me why am so happie i got to go NS..
well, me answer is.... i never hated NS or feared of goin for it la..i think i am able to handle it qua n besides, its an awesome experience..lots of me frens in 1st batch survived..so why cant i..haha
another reason is really a miracle la that shows taht God really fulfills our hearts desires :)
and so..lets roll the cameras *play*
ppl involved : me n veryn (me buddie in church n school)
so, both me n veryn were kinda shocked we were chosen for NS since the end of last year..
n well, guess wat?? veryn dreamt then both of us ended up in the same camp with another few frens..haha..odd dream u may say but its the start of the story.. haha
so she shared with me her dream n we were confessing that we wud b in the same camp n prayed for the dream to come true..haha :)
n when we were checking our locations for NS (tuesday)..i got into guar chenderai camp while she was stationed at sum other camp at bukit mertajam..but there was an ulasan saying that she might be transferred to another camp due to sum complications..
we were kinda sad that our prayers n hearts desires werent answered at first but in everything give thanks rite...
i was kinda sad le coz its like an ulu place le n sumore tak ada frens n me heart's desire didnt come to pass..
and so, on tuesday nite itself after bible study...veryn called n she brought really great..
she re-checked her NS location..n God worked His plan..she was stationed in the SAME camp as me!!! i was shuper shocked :O
we were so happy that nite that i cudnt stop smiling n just praising God.. God is seriously hillarious la..its like he is playing with us and making sum suspense n just make us believe in Him n never doubt His plans for us..haha :)
and so veryn n me are heading to the same camp at guar chenderai, perlis...with heart's desires answered n joy in our hearts :)
i really can feel that God has a great plan awaiting for us during our NS..n its His will for me to be there lo..haha
just say, wat i i didnt send in me application to change to 2nd batch?? i wnt be goin for NS n veryn wud b alone n our heart's desires wdnt b answered..n we wdnt be able to see God's hands working just to make everything perfect in His will n timing..hehe :)
therefore, its really a great new that have a teman during NS...haha
n adelene dnt b jealous coz u got the better n nicer location >.<

saddening-ness :( T.T
ta chieh is goin back to KL today...its so shuper fast le..i didnt even hang out with her :(
sadness..i am so gonna miss her lots lo...thks ta chieh for everything that u have done for me..even the simplest thing which is being my fren..haha :P really appreciate it..hugs n muakz :)
u better get back to penang early or else sumone wud be missing u so much le..hehehe =.=
take care ta chieh n may God bless you loads in Kl :)

hmm, have been facing alot of challenges n testings le these few weeks..
alot of stuff to think of n handle..i just dnt knw wat to do n i just feel so lost..
my only HOPE is JESUS!! there are so many things goin on in my life that i dnt even have enuff time for God n myself..its so sickening :/
i cant even handle me life properly..huiyo :(
God! i need wisdom n help...aahhhh..i cant do this on my own..i need You to intervene n reshuffle me life..i dnt knw wat to do and wat i am capable of doin...but i look to You, Lord.
ppl, pls pray for me..really need lots of prayer..thks :)

hmm, its just so sad to look at myself n questioning myself..
i really need God n God alone rite now..only He can help me from all these..
i just feel like a car which is about to break down..i just need a fresh touch le..
so disappointed with myself..btw, i aint emo k..emo-ing is not in my dictionary..hehe
just feeling lost le.. :S
well, thats me with some mixed emotions..n thats me life.
take care ppl n thks for ur prayers n advise :)
till next time *poof*


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