God Is Writing My Life Story...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

:S :( T.T O_o -MIXED EMOTIONS- :) :O =.= xP

ok ok..i am so sorrie i dnt have the inspiration to blog bout me biggie buisness thingy yet but i assure u that the post will b coming to cinemas real soon..umm, not cinemas i meant but me bloggie..hahaha :P
anyways, nowadays ppl have been facing the economy downturn while i am facing an emotional downturn pulak...huiyo..dnt knw wats goin on with me..mayb just goin crazy n all..hehehe =.=''
i must seriously see a doctor or just admit meself into the psycho ward la..*talking to meself - gladz, dnt say such negative stuff...okay :( *
well, its not that bad till i have to see the doc la..its just that there are TOO MUCH goin on..n i can repeat that TOO MUCH *screams*
i just have so much to feel all at one time..huiyo..its so sickening lo :(
so, wat am i feeling rite now?? the answer: I DNT KNOW!!!
why must we have feeling anyways?? how i wish i can be a robot..no need to worry n feel so much..haha..but not fun oso cant feel happy wan.. ok, just chuck the last few sentences bout me being a robot away :S
i am having symptoms of EMOTIONAL DISORDER O_o..FREEKY!!!!

and so the story goes...
well, i kinda sent in a letter to the jabatan which is in charged of national service to change me to the 2nd batch where my orignal kumpulan was batch 3..
n guess wat? my application passed..therefore i am goin for NS 2nd batch which is from the 20th of march till june the 8th...
i am stationed at camp guar chenderai, padang besar, kangar, perlis..haha =.=''
i heard its kinda ulu n one of me fren is currently stationed there..
so, u might ask me why am so happie i got to go NS..
well, me answer is.... i never hated NS or feared of goin for it la..i think i am able to handle it qua n besides, its an awesome experience..lots of me frens in 1st batch survived..so why cant i..haha
another reason is really a miracle la that shows taht God really fulfills our hearts desires :)
and so..lets roll the cameras *play*
ppl involved : me n veryn (me buddie in church n school)
so, both me n veryn were kinda shocked we were chosen for NS since the end of last year..
n well, guess wat?? veryn dreamt then both of us ended up in the same camp with another few frens..haha..odd dream u may say but its the start of the story.. haha
so she shared with me her dream n we were confessing that we wud b in the same camp n prayed for the dream to come true..haha :)
n when we were checking our locations for NS (tuesday)..i got into guar chenderai camp while she was stationed at sum other camp at bukit mertajam..but there was an ulasan saying that she might be transferred to another camp due to sum complications..
we were kinda sad that our prayers n hearts desires werent answered at first but in everything give thanks rite...
i was kinda sad le coz its like an ulu place le n sumore tak ada frens n me heart's desire didnt come to pass..
and so, on tuesday nite itself after bible study...veryn called n she brought really great..
she re-checked her NS location..n God worked His plan..she was stationed in the SAME camp as me!!! i was shuper shocked :O
we were so happy that nite that i cudnt stop smiling n just praising God.. God is seriously hillarious la..its like he is playing with us and making sum suspense n just make us believe in Him n never doubt His plans for us..haha :)
and so veryn n me are heading to the same camp at guar chenderai, perlis...with heart's desires answered n joy in our hearts :)
i really can feel that God has a great plan awaiting for us during our NS..n its His will for me to be there lo..haha
just say, wat i i didnt send in me application to change to 2nd batch?? i wnt be goin for NS n veryn wud b alone n our heart's desires wdnt b answered..n we wdnt be able to see God's hands working just to make everything perfect in His will n timing..hehe :)
therefore, its really a great new that have a teman during NS...haha
n adelene dnt b jealous coz u got the better n nicer location >.<

saddening-ness :( T.T
ta chieh is goin back to KL today...its so shuper fast le..i didnt even hang out with her :(
sadness..i am so gonna miss her lots lo...thks ta chieh for everything that u have done for me..even the simplest thing which is being my fren..haha :P really appreciate it..hugs n muakz :)
u better get back to penang early or else sumone wud be missing u so much le..hehehe =.=
take care ta chieh n may God bless you loads in Kl :)

hmm, have been facing alot of challenges n testings le these few weeks..
alot of stuff to think of n handle..i just dnt knw wat to do n i just feel so lost..
my only HOPE is JESUS!! there are so many things goin on in my life that i dnt even have enuff time for God n myself..its so sickening :/
i cant even handle me life properly..huiyo :(
God! i need wisdom n help...aahhhh..i cant do this on my own..i need You to intervene n reshuffle me life..i dnt knw wat to do and wat i am capable of doin...but i look to You, Lord.
ppl, pls pray for me..really need lots of prayer..thks :)

hmm, its just so sad to look at myself n questioning myself..
i really need God n God alone rite now..only He can help me from all these..
i just feel like a car which is about to break down..i just need a fresh touch le..
so disappointed with myself..btw, i aint emo k..emo-ing is not in my dictionary..hehe
just feeling lost le.. :S
well, thats me with some mixed emotions..n thats me life.
take care ppl n thks for ur prayers n advise :)
till next time *poof*


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