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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dRiVing +haIR dISaStOR+ PaRtY + FaReWeLL = How liFe is Meant To Be...hmmm

well, first of all..to all my fellow readers, i am really sorry for not updating me bloggie..n make u guys wondering of wat has happened to me..hmm, or maybe not..ahahha :P
anyways, alot has happened recently that i didnt have the urge to blog bout it..tak ada inspirasi ler agaknya...so this will be kind of a long post..so please do bare with the length of it..ehehehe :)
ok, so take another glance of the title again...(obedient nie lo me readers..hmm, i controlled them-muahahaha) sori..that was just me being LAME again..ehehe =.=

>>>Driving lessons>>> *vroom vroom...eeeeeekkkkk....bang.....splat...eeeyor eeeyor eeeyor*
ok..i admit the eeeyor part sounded like a donkey but it is meant to be ambulance sound..
no worries, nothing happened to me during driving lesson la...just sounding the atmosphere if i were to drive on the road...so better pray that u wudnt be on the same road as me while i am driving or in da same car...hahaha XP =.=
back to the topic..driving lessons always gives me the scare n jolt of adrenaline...n i always come home thanking God for letting me survive on the roads of penang n so as the driving circuit..hehe :P
well, i am still a noobie noob noob ler at driving not as holiau as sum other ppl ler..
driving to me is like a game of mati enjin..the more times u mati enjin, the greater the chances of u winning the game..so mati enjin is a GOOD thing...NOT!!!! hahahaha
and so, that describes me being on the road causing loads of impatient ppl to make nasty sounds..ehehe...*my fault -guilty*
thk God i manage to lower down me high score everytime i go for lessons...n therefore, will someday lose in this driving game i invented...ehehehe :P *hopefully*
ummm, i really sux at me clutch n accelerator thingy...i admit that i am terrified of stepping on the accelerator but i like goin shuper fast in cars...that means, i love everything that is fast but i am scared of goin fast...i can see the blurr stared...ahahaha...nevermind the last few sentences if u dont get me...hehehe :P
keeping in the track... due to the unablement of controlling both clutch n accelerator..MATI ENJIN lo...haix...i am so good with that while driving..hehehe :)
i still love parkings n three point turns...so cool n yet frustrating due to the stupiak stearing wheels which are so tight...ish..tak tahan-ness =.=
as for bukit...i am still mastering the skills of it...its partially still roller coaster-ish..haha :P
thk God this time i din manage to drive home n get meslef killed or even killed someone..haha..
so all went well with the driving lessons...cassy is real good ad ler..tak ada mati enjin ler..RESPECT!!! hehe...so proud of me daughter..nyek nyek :P

HaiR DisasToR :(
i went for a hair cut due to me long fringe n the upcoming open heaven conference actually...i wanted it long coz it wud be much more convenient for me during NS...but now, my hair is cut n i dnt really like it ler...some parts of it is ok but the rest is for me to sob at.. T.T
anyways, let me convey the story of me having this hair style... *be prepared with sum tissue*
i went to a hair saloon near farlim area just becoz me sis intro me there..n her neighbour was working there too..anyways, i was ok with it ler..n so, i was to choose me hair dresser or hair cutter i call it...hehehehe...so this big tuff guy with tattoos on his arm was like coming towards me la..then i tau its him d la.. i told meself 'dnt judge a book by its cover...everything will turn out fine'...and so, i described how he was suppose to cut me hair n so on n so forth..
*snip snip snip...ta daaaaa...doooossshhh*
ugggghhh, tak tahan-ness..he cut me hair like gangster..but kinda cool to me ler since i have always been saying i wanted a guy-ish hair cut..mmm, wish come true...hahaha..
but it was awkward ler, so not suit me personality la *sobs*
so me sis, felt shuper guilty coz she was the one who intro me to this saloon...due to the guilty-nessm she suggested that i shud go to me former hair saloon at rifle range there...
*vroom vroom vromm...eeekkk...ting tong...*
sat down at the black chair...me hair dresser stared at me hair n was in shock..ehehehe...wasted i din snap a pic of her reaction..hehehe :P
she was good enuff to touch up for me ler..thk God...now me hair is how the way u see it la...it is not as bad as the 1st wan, THK GOD!!!
if i didnt go back to me former hair dresser..i think ppl wud think that i am a gangster's daughter or sumthing n everyone wud fear me a t NS...hmm, if i were to stick to the first hair cut..i wud get a tattoo...as in a fake wan..ehehehehe ...just kiddin..

yesh, party party...neil had his early bbq b'day party at paradise beach n it was kinda fun..
it was the first ever b'day party he organised for himself n it turned out well...hehehe :P
it was kinda long since i ever walked the beach n talked to me girl frens...plus me got to know a few other ppl...cool-ness :)
me had a good time ler chatting n stuff lidat...hehe..
b4 the party started...rev.dr.low chia ming was getting hungry n so, since ananda was just across the road..we * rev. dr. low, ed n me* walked across n feasted...heheheh
not reali feast ler but just nibbled sum food...CHICKEN MASALA!!!
shuper nice...i get addicted to that all the time...hmmm, i wonder whether they really doped the chicken masala or not...hahaha
anyways, we ate alil..n walked back across to paradise where all of them were carrying cartons of can drinks n food stuff..just about to get ready for the bbq..
the girls obviously just stood there n do nothing...ahahhhaa >.<
so, me, nicole, adelene and me new found fren; kylie plus cass who was on the phone just walked on the sandy beach...long time ad din do such stuff..
we talked n laughed...me n ning-kong-ley aka nicole did some stupiak baywatch stuff...hehehe..
adelene n me just talked n so was cassy n me..hahahaha..wat other things can girls do except talk...hahahah..we are bonded to talking...eheheheh >.<
then bbq-ed lor...ate more marshmellows ler so kena sugar rush sikit...hahaha..
we had the cake cutting ceremony n splatting cake on neil's face...
around 11 sumthing nearly 12 lidat we, girls went to the room which neil booked ler..
we played bluff while the guys cleared stuff...hehehe..on d way up, the guys poured ice on neil which the girls failed to witnes that..hahahaha
but everything turned out good n fun :)

FaReWeLL to Rev.Dr. Low Chia Ming...
the person above just left penang yesterday morning...n so, he had a farewell on sunday evening..
we went to red garden for bbq-steamboat..there were about 15 or more of us there..hehe
so, we ate ate n ate..thks michelle for feeding me..keep on putting food on me plate..ehehehhe...hehe..the jelly there was the best of the best..i think i ate 4 cups of jelly..hahaha..was full at the end of the day...
so we head off to sunset bistro again...my 2nd time there..before that, me called neil whether he wanted to tag along..n so he did..we went to fetch him n after that ended up at sunset bistro..
there were kinda alot of ppl there la..haha..get oursleves seated n ordered drinks..wohoo
me had fake peach tea..which was actually the nestea peach tea..but it was ok..haha :)
manatau, all of a sudden it started to pour like puppies n kittens...n sum had curfew so most of them left ler... the remaining ppl : rev. dr. low, man yoke, edward, melvin, ivan, neil n me...headed to khaleel *i dnt knw hw to spell that* hahaha
we cakap~ed n cakap~ed until everyone wanted to head home..
that was the end of the day...hehe..farewell senior!!! we will miss u...hehehehe..RESPECT!!!

so that was basically how me week went...am still not ready for NS as in i havent packed yet..no worries, me havent got the anxious feeling of getting me results..dnt ask me why..
n i am having me driving pre-test tmrw..me jpj driving test wud be on the 19th, one day before i leave for NS..haha :)
so, this is how life is meant to be... i am still trying to embrace n tkae things one step at a time n looking to God.. thks alot to me frens for giving me all ur support, comfort n prayers :) love u ppl loads *hugs*
thks readers for reding the post till the end.. u have finally read a 1000 word essay..thats a great achievement..give urself a clap *clap* so proud of u, surviving me post...hahahaha :P
thats all for now..Hav an awesome day n GBU :) *toodles*


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