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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thousand apologies for not updating me bloggie...
truth be told: i am shuper shuper bezee with form 6 stuff..
truth be told: was actually lazee as well..
hahahaha :P
anyways, at least i got the inspirasi to blog now..or else i think i wud have just shut down this blog mer..hehe..
so, wats goin on in form 6???
form 6 is kinda tuff even at the beginning nie..so, i cant imagine wat i will be facing in the future to come =/ :S
its freeky with all the new information bombarded to me face n i am suppose to remember every single detail..n considering the fact that i havent been studying ever since spm, I FORGOT EVERYTHING!!!!! seriously, i cant remember a single thing i studied before.. owh my memory, why have thou forsaken me :S
n the worse part of all is cassy aka me daughter went for matrics n leave me rotting alone in class with no idea wat the teachers are teaching n making me lonely in most classes...its not that me classmates arent doin a gud job keeping me company, but ntgh can compare to a fren whom u knew ever since like standard 5... but i thk God for cool n friendly plus farney classmates!!!!
after the hols when most ppl migrate to other classes n all, our lower 6 science 4 will be left with 2 girls, n 8 guys...imagine 10 students in one class..how fun is that??!! hopefully some mgs girls will be transferred to our class so that it wdnt be so boorrriiiinnnnggg...the more the merrier ma..hehehe >.<
teachers on the other hand are ok nie ler...sum boleh bersosial n sum kinda farney ler..we kinda laugh behind their backs n they wud stare at us weirdly with a question on their face "wat r u laughing at??" O_o
but anyways, ITS FARNEY!!! wakakakakakaka...
so its holidays again!! wohoo..yipee!!! not so for me :(
our class have to go find buggsies for our bio project n we are heading to botanical gardens to catch all these creepy crawlies on monday..a hike plus a treasure hunt where the treasures can crawl n make girls scream at them..eeks =.=
after that a movee at gurnay if possible..hehehehe :)
first outing with new ppl...cool n awesome-ness...
n the rest of me next two weeks on this earth, i have to STUDEE...hear me loud n clead..STUDEEEEE!!!! gosh, how boring wud me holidays be man..tell me the truth, its boring rite??
haix, i knew the answers is yes..but pls look me in the face n tell me it wdnt be boring...plsssss....
i know i am getting really lame now n i guess its due to the lack of sleep n the fact that i cant accept the fact of having to studee like crazee during the hols...so i guess i shud stop the lame-ness and just put a period rite here--> .

toodeloos ppl..dnt wanna get u ppl infected with me lameness.wnt be updating for another couple of weeks so pls dnt waste ur time checking for updates on me blog..hahahaha..jk jk..
do drop by to re-read me post n have urselves laughing at me..no worries..i know i bring joy to me readers..wakakaka..perasaning..
take care n till next time..
adios..God Bless :)


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