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Thursday, June 25, 2009

~cHaPteRz oF LiFe~

YO Yo yo!!!!! ppl..LOOK WHO IS BACK IN DA HOUSE????
*booooo...booo...* ok ok, i knw me fault...am so SHUPER SOHREY!!! for not updating me bloggie ler..
life is just so packed with stuff n activities to do..n me even had to abandone me lil personal space in the world wide web...personal time is no more there man..n i mean NO MORE, elek, tak ada, GONE!!!
many of u must be wondering how am i doin n how is form 6 n all...so here is a 1mth whole update on wats goin on with life...hopefully i dont spread the boredom across the world wide web...hahaha :P

!!!FORM ENAM!!!!
hmmm, in some ways form 6 is killing n in some ways its nice to be back in school...with all the various kind of friends with different attitudes n unique-ness..school life is just fun n interesting with them..haha.
me class is now left with 9 surviving souls..n i repeat NINE..SEMBILAN..KAU...so miserable la :(
but we kinda get more attention from teachers n our science4 family can grow stronger in bond...hehe
attention from teachers can get real scary at times...hmmm..example..the withs n withouts of teachers attention..
teacher notices who dnt pass up hmwk...teacher wdnt notice anything
teacher knws everything about u...teacher dsnt knw u in much detail
teacher knw everything that is goin on in class...teacher dsnt bother much
techers are more socialable...hmm, its all bout teaching
anyways, no matter wat..homework is always piling up..bak kata pepatah, 'sedikit demi sedikit, lama lama jadi bukit'..i tot that peribahasa only applies for moneytary issues but din know that it cud actually be used in homework too...O.o
alot of bio assignments to be done..haix..if u happen to have any large bugs pls do catch it for me n donate it to me BUG BANK!!! SAVE THE BUGS...hahaha..thatz what banks are for..to save for u..hehehe
besides homework n assignments...lessons are kinda boring la most of the time..the scenario: snooze!!! teacher on the other hand..explaining!!!
i knw i knw..u must be thinking..eh, form 6 hard k..sumore dont pay attention in class..am so sohrey k..things in form 6 is getting complicated n me dnt have the mood to study...exams are in mid-august n i am not even prepared for the outcome of it.. =.='' sumone pls HELP me regain me mood...wud really well appreciate it :)
hmm, teachers are great but some just cant teach la..no offense..dey dont even knw wat they r saying or teaching =.= totally GONE with the wind...haix..i pity them too..coz we dnt seem to understand wat they r saying or trying to explain..hmm..thk God some teachers r really funny n nice to learn from..hehe :P
so, thk God for tuition...without tuition, i dnt knw wats gonna happen to me..haha.
sumtimes, activities will be so hactic that have to stayback for co-curriculums n after that tuition pulak..so, if u see me panda eyes pls don't remind me that the black rings ever existed under me eye bags...hahaha..

>>funnest n coolest activity recently participated in<<
ROOM 77!!!!!!! wohooo!!! its the awesomest event of the year man!!!! i want to have a 2nd round of it!!! aaaahhhhhh :O goin gila n happy to see so many ppl worshipping God in spirit n in truth...
everything went so well in God's timing n i really believe everyone gave their very best on that nite :) TOTAL AWESOME-NESS!!! respect n appreciate everyones dedication n devotion towards the event n made it a success... PRAISE GOD!!! FANTABULOUS!! its totally beyond wat words can describe..but i assure those of you who didnt manage to attend..no worries..there is always a next time..plus u r always welcomed to join our IGNITE YOUTH every saturday from 7.30pm onwards at Hunza Sanctuary..hehehe.. for more info, do log onto: www.pf-igniteyouth.blogspot.com
to those who attended the ROOM 77, spread the fire u ppl..haha..n do join us too at IGNITE YOUTH!!! cant wait for another great awakening!! n thru this event may we grow deeper n closer towards the Lord n see His Mighty hands working in us n thru us in our everyday life :) keep the fire burning u ppl!!
next up...TRANSFORMERS!!!
its the bestest best show ever...its a MUST n MOST watch man..too bad was oni able to watch it once :( nvm nvm, there is always a solution to every situation :) n most of u knw wats the solution..nyek nyek..shoo..secret k..haha
its a shuper fantastic show n i really respect every single cast n crew who made the show so awesome..
BUMBLEBEE is shuper CUTE!!! tak tahan-ness...for those of u who havent watch the show yt..pls pls pls dnt miss out the opportunity..TRANSFORMERS ROCKS!!!
transformers company should pay me for advertising the show for them..hhehehehe...money-faced $.$

life is like a box of chocolate...we dnt knw which flavour we might choose at times n often we hope not to get a bitter flavour ..same goes when we go thru something, we can just hope for the best..life is kinda complicate for me now..there r so many choices that i have to choose..n i just want everything to go according to God's will...He is my Lord n He guides n leads me..i dnt wanna land myself in a massive problem that i make for myself..wat if i make the wrong choice???i have to make a u-turn or find the next round about to get back to the right track.. i just dnt knw whether the choices that i make is wat God has planned for me..How is He guiding me?? Leading me?? am i hearing my own voice or His voice..is it wat i want or wat He wants for me??? i am just not sure or assured of where i am rite now...things r getting shuper complicated..
stress is just apart of life...but how long must i stay in it?? i just constantly worry bout anything n everything...i just dont knw why..why am i so doubtful of His plans?? am i not trusting in Him fully?? i dnt even knw whether me actions r right or not.. am i living according to His standards or the standard that i set for myself??
so many questions...so many worries..haix..
i just wanna surrender everything to Him..n run back towards me Heavenly Dad..i dnt trust myself but i wanna start trusting in Him..
i just ask of ur help to pray for me :)

anyways, i really hope i can keep u ppl updated on wats goin on in my life..
but if i cudnt..pls forgive me..too many things to do n have to catch up on..
hope u enjoyed me post n pls do give me some feedbacks on anything :)

xoxoxoxxox ~gladz~ xoxoxxoxoxoxxox


Blogger wallace tan said...

whos that teacher??? hahaha:-)

July 18, 2009 at 5:40 PM  

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