God Is Writing My Life Story...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


its been awhile since ppl are talking about the incidents about hillsong and planetshaker stuff...
most of us know about this incident and i myself am dissapointed about this but it is truly a lesson for all to learn...
i actually searched a few web pages and this particular page caugth my attention
this article is quite long but it really opens the eyes of the readers...
hope u guys can go have a look at it la if u all want to...hehe :)

well, in my point of view i really pity him *u noe who la*...
someone who sees the truth and yet falls...its so not worth all that he has done...
but the only thing we have to do now is to pray for him...
he seeks inner healing and God shall be the Healer of his soul...
the devil is trully all out to destroy...and surely He is coming back again very soon...
this particular incident is really a lesson that God wants us to learn from those who fall...

Friday, August 22, 2008


its been way too long since i updated n also onlined...anyway, its only one week la...haha :)
awww..well, i know u ppl kinda miss me...*just perasaning again*
its been a very hactic n busy holiday which i cant even call it a holiday...
its like a week of utter business...its not that i opened a restaurant or buissness...just plain busy with loads of stuff not concerning studies... thats quite bad news that i havent study n still dont feel the pinch of trials which is another one more week to go n SPM in 82 days to come...
i guess i will start revising during the SPM examination is goin on... haha :)
ahhh...God just open my eyes to see that SPM is just a blink of an eye away...
i need to wake up from this sleep into reality...FUN TIMES HAVE GOT TO GO.... but i am not gonna let my wacky-ness take hold of me until i wouldnt study...

so, wat happened this week...
well very exciting n superb n amazing stuff took place ever since i last blogged....
the best of the best is IGNITE...i mean 3rd IGNITE...was super awesome...
i invited around 11 frens and 10 turned up...that was like super awesomeness...
those who joined in was adelene, cassandra, sara, yew lyn , jeffrey, joo xuan, audrey, clairissa,julie, wei th'ng... i bet they had a great time praising the Lord...
it was super awesome n God really showed himself to them personally....cool rite...
n praise The Lord, some of them even ask me to invite them again if there are any events like IGNITE!!!! argh...super awesome n thk God for everything...
my fren said that Ps. Wai Fong's preaching really touched her heart n she really loves our youth service...haha :)
hope that they can come to Ignite like every saturday after SPM....
well, when we were actually having praise n worship i seriously felt the presence of God...like super dense... its like He is just beside us... hehe :)
really good to be found in the presence of God n it was a super awesome nite la...words cant describe...so, pics have to do the talking...
for more pics....go to

then, this entire week is like tuition after tuition la...every morning got chem tuition for like 2 hours...meeting all the same ppl... sumore wednesday n thursday double dose of tuitions...can faint terus... but thk God today just morning session nia this evening no tuition...yipee!!!!
i am so goin prayer meeting tonite.... haha :)

ooo....great news ppl....u noe rite me comp veli the lau beh wan...
now i got NEW one de... haha :)
my mom bought it during PC fair...really its God's blessing....
everything is new...got vista la n many stuff...the best thing is got 100 over games in my comp like diner dash n stuff lidat...not DOTA or Counter strike ok.... i not that ganas... haha :P
super nice le...i love me comp... n my sis just fixed the streamyx for me... haha :P
super duper blessed.... double portion of blessing... cool

ah, another good news is that i got selected to go for NS---> NATIONAL SERVICE...
see how patriotic i am...willing to give up 3 months of fun for my countries sake... *perasan-ing again*...i was like cool with the news but most of my frens weren't that cool bout it la...i understand their feelings...but i bet God has a will n purpose for me to be there...i will like so enjoy myself... i just pray that i wouldn't get darker...n i hope it will be like a free 3 months gym for me...since have to work out n stuff... the onli thing i am afraid of is the obstical course.... i am afraid i cant get thru all the small holes n climb all the papan... i hope i fall on the trainer n he say u no need to do de....wakakaka :) i am so gonna have fun... n i hope my frens will too...

since i am seldom gonna online de...i was wishing my bloggie will stay alive still...
so i was hoping someone would like blog for me...like a guest blogger....so, if u are interested pls tell me la yea... all my fren fren sekalian welcomed to join la...then i pick lo....haha :)

well, till next time...
n rmbr to come for Ignite this saturday!!!!
same time, same place...
ooo....n pls rmbr me in prayer...hehe :)...thks <3

Monday, August 11, 2008


wohoo...the 3rd IGNITE of the year is finally taking place this saturday (16th August).
I cant believe it is so fast that the 3rd IGNITE is already here. It was like just a few weeks ago that we held our 2nd IGNITE in our church.
it is actually a normal youth service but during IGNITE, the highlight is bringing all our praise n worship to our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST!!!
It is surely an event not to be missed by everyone.
Therefore, i would like to invite everyone...
You, You and You *points at you* out there to join us ignite youths in praising our God on high..
some questions u may ask...

WHEN? 16TH AUGUST (7.30 pm till 10.00 pm)

I really really hope to see all of u ppl out there this saturday..
We shall have tonnes n loads of fun in the Lord.
So, watcha waiting for.... Come and join the Ignite Youths this saturday...
for more info... pls visit www.pf-igniteyouth.blogspot.com

with <3,

Friday, August 8, 2008

eLbbaRcS...*Read from right to left*

hey hey, i am back again after a week of not updating this nonsensical blog...
i am really sorry for not updating the blog...it is kindly due to the limit i gave myself to spend time onlining...
n due to the fact that spm is so super near... i have to stop blogging for a very long time...
so this is kinda my last post for the year but i hope i wouldnt la...
so let me update u ppl with the week that God had for me...

monday n tuesday was quite similar le...wasnt any interesting stuff except of the chitter chatter of stuff... ah, on tuesday Yew Lyn borrowed me a book titled twilight...
it was quite an interesting book la...and everbody is like addicted to it... but lucky me, so far i hadden been addicted to it yet la... till now a few of my frens just bought all 4 books...which was quite a quick move le... so that goes monday n tuesday...

the day after tuesday...wednesday la...duhhh... i donno wat i did on wednesday le... oh, i finally got it...i stayed back after school that day...went to gurney with julie *my niece -fake wan la*.. we got some presents for some b'day ppl...then, we got a souvenier for our headmistress who is leaving us soon... we walked there luckly with an umbrella in our hand... noticing that the weather was cloudy...so after an hour of so called shopping... we walked back to school all soggy and wet... the rain was like slanting getting our skirts all wet... but it was fun la...haha :)

on thursday...we had a scramble egg competition... haha...its actually a Scrabble competition le... it is was fun to meet new ppl and play scrabble with them le... i got to know a few new fren n also met a few frens at Island College of Technology, Balik Pulau...
the game was held at the library with 75 other participant... was quite a cool game la... n mind cracking as well...when i even had to play with a holiau wan scrabble player... there were 5 games n i won half that is 2.5... i had a tie in the 3rd game...its quite impossible to get a tie but in my case it wasnt...
all the players are very good n were like half fight le... and i reached back at my mom's office all dizzy due to the 3 winding roads we had to pass... i nearly puked in the car...*uekk*...but i didnt la...haha :P
i skipped tuition due to that reason n because i reached the office at 7 evening...crazy isnt it :P ended my nite reading twilight n doin me homework le...

thursday passed...friday comes...TODAY!!!
wohooo its like 8th of 8 *August* of 2008....loads of ppl must be buying toto numbers and getting loads of cash...so lets forget about toto numbers n concentrate on today...
argh...so many ppl celebrating their b'days today.. oops...no money to buy presents de :(
but anyway, i would like to just wish a

May you all grow stronger n bolder in Christ n may God bless you guys abundantly n over-flowing... may all of u grow up to be more matured n not to be more n more childish every year...haha :) Jerald actually happy belated birthday le...hehe :P
May God bless all of you in ur future undertakings n enlarge ur ministries... wo-hoo...
so, as i also said...my headmistress is leaving... n the day was finally here...TODAY lo she leaving... she is a very dedicated n diciplined headmistress actually... n she is a woman of her words n never fail to keep on upgrading our school... if it isnt for her, our school will still be lau beh n the choir wouldn't have uniforms... some parts of her made some ppl dislike her but no one is perfect so we had to accept her for who she is la... so no comment on those who ask whether i like her anot...but in eveything give thks n i hope that she will blessed in her coming years working at JPN...she left this afternoon n we clebrated her naik pangkat this morning...no lessons went on n it was fun la... the choir sang a song for her n our class gave her a scarf...hehe :) wasted cass wasnt able to join us... :( kinda sad la...hehe...
after school we still had gb meeting but me n julie skipped to buy back some 1901 new york chicken hotdogs...40 all together for the board of monitor's farewell...
when we got to gurney n ordered...the guy was in shock la heard 40...haha :)
but he was fully calm la doin 40 hotdogs as fast as possible...when we got back to school, amazingly no one was there... when most of the ppl took the hotdogs...there were 13 left...crazy wan er...wonder who will eat...but me n julie were eyeing on them la...hopeing to get a free hotdog...haha :P
n amazingly we did...yay!!! so we ended up with two...when i gave mine away n julie had hers until i made her drop her hotdog so i had to take it....coz she refused to take due to the mayo n chilli sauce all over the box... but nothing fell out of the box so it is still edible la...
so that was practically today la...
haih...tmrw got school...wat a sad thing but 12 noon finito de...so, nvm la...
so i will be at school tmrw n meL dont miss me during practice...hehe :)
till the next post which i hope will be in this year la...wish me luck for my SPM...n pls remember me in prayer...thks :)


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