God Is Writing My Life Story...

Monday, December 29, 2008


Updates of the entire month...
amazingly i have to do all the typing n recalling on wat happened on wat day n so on...n u ppl cn do the simple job of scrooling n reading...anyway, its me pleasure to do so...haha

(19-21st Dec)
well, lets start off with the christmas presentation i mentioned in my last post..
it went awesome la..entire dewan was kinda packed from me view..n it seems that alot of ppl received salvation...wohoo!! Praise the Lord!!!
it was great to serve the Lord at that time despite the tired-ness but it all turned out FUN n EXCITING...n time went pass so fast that 3days was such a short period..
Bro. Kelvin Soh's singing was holiau as always...n i love his songs :)
Sunday service was great at dewan...Rev. Dr. Fred Seaward's preaching was great..he touched on forgiveness n it really touched me heart...
ooo, nt forgetting..it was SARAH CHOONG'S BIRTHDAY!!! haha :P

(23rd Dec)1st NIKE!!!
ok, this is great news for me classmates who knows i am a nike fan...n yea, i got me first nike..
wakaka..finally, for all the long agonizing years of waiting...i finally got me first new pair of nike shoes...wipee wohoo!!! now its my precious ad...haha...n i find it very comfortable le compared to other shoes...nyek nyek >.<
ooo, i also watched the hari the bumi stood tegak..wakaka..sum awesome translations..
hmm, it wasnt a nice show la...it was boring but interesting...so i dnt knw hw to grade such shows...i wud say i prefer BOLT one hundred percent...haha :P
gt sum parts kinda tak munasabah wan...
next time they shud call me to direct the show...haha
got a few mistakes la made during the show n its kinda silly la when come to think bout it...haha :)
wana knw the mistakes come n find me..i wud b happy to tell u...

(25th Dec) CHRISTMAS!!!
we had christmas service as always at Trader's Hotel n it was super cold..thks to Renee's good choice of sitting spot...haha :P
then we had christmas dinner at Trader's too...
the food was great n it was a joy to see me relatives come as well eventhough i wasnt sitting with them...
youth table was fun for the first time...or shud it b always fun?? hmmm...
it was fun la of coz for a first-timer..especially being able to sit with two hot n sexy ppl (stephy n mable)haha :P
mable did some sexy moves so i was kinda entertained..wakaka
everything went well Praise the Lord...haha :P

(27th Dec) Me Burpday!!!
thks to all who wished me so early in the morning from 12 am onwards...haha:)
nt much was planned out for the day but it turned out a fun day la..hehe
had breakfast at bali hai with stephy, mable,edward n ben and went straight to hunza for practise..manatau, renee bought mcd breakfast for me..so touched T.T thks renee :)
anyway,prac went smoothly n we managed to end super early...its like the shortest prac ever conducted..haha..
we kinda had a dillema of either staying at church or goin to new world park for edward the driver wasnt feeling so well becoz he misses my mummy so much..wakaka.jk jk..
but he insisted of goin to NWP so we went...but car park full after 2 rounds of circle-ing the entire place so we went to gurney..
had lunch at the food court while i had my breakfast during lunch time...haha..
i ate the breakfast renee bought so its like makan-ing breakfast during lunch lo..
that time manatau, ben n ed go buy donut n cake for me..apala ni..thks yea ben,ed,stephy,mable,renee n mel..haha :P
n stephy, mable n me pulak go buy donuts...
when we got back to the food court, i was amazed suddenly got cake on the table...haha :P
n another donut sumore...i was so stuffed with donuts that day =.=
then, we went jalan jalan around gurney n did sum lame stuff both renee n me..wakaka..
then we went to starbucks to sit n cakap cakap...around 5 lidat we cabut to church..hehe
we had thanksgiving dinner that day but a few of us fasted coz we were serving so we din eat...hmm..
service was fun as usual la...played alot of games...which adds to the fun la of coz...haha:D
ooo, n thks vivien for being the last person to wish me happy birthday..wakaka..at 11:58pm...haha..will always remember that trick :P

(28th Dec)
went for sunday service kinda tired n sleepy :(
n it was JULIA'S BIRTHDAY this time...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!haha :)
after lunch, me went home to tidur from 3 til 7.30pm..
i amaze myself when i sleep..wakaka >.<
then had to makan maggie mee instead of a proper meal becoz me mum wanted to watch news so tak dapat keluar makan :(
due to the 4 hrs of sleep i couldnt sleep till 2.30 am..haiz..saddening :(

and there goes me entire 2 weeks...filled with sad n happy scenes..mostly happy la with alot of sleepy-ness...wakaka =.="
btw, will miss u ppl who went for NS...stay safe n miss me..nyek nyek >.<
2 more days to go...n its the start of a new year...its so odd for not having to worry bout when school starts n stuff lidat...
its like all these feelings can flush down the drain ad..haha...
hmmm, i wud really want to find a job starting January...
if there are any jobs available, pls inform me yea...wud b happy to get a job as soon as possible...
well, thats all for now..hope you ppl will enjoy ur hols n wud like to wish all of u a
muaxx n hugs :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


its christmas in another 9 DAYS!!!!!
wohoo, cnt wait already *bites fingers n feels excited*
well, this year me church, PENANG FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD is bringing u a special drama which speaks of the Father's love for us... its a good drama with a great story-line..
n can u believe or not...JUST BELIEVE..ITS A TRUE STOREY..i mean story.wakaka >.<>
so let me brief u bout the drama ppl...
ppl ppl pls grab a seat n lend me ur listening eyes...hmmm, hw can eyes listen??
i mean reading eyes since u r reading me post ma rite...wakaka :P

TIME : 7.30 PM (PM for post meridian not prime minister)
DATES: 19th, 20th and 21st DECEMBER 2008
SPEAKER : BRO. KELVIN SOH from Singapore

the title reminds me of :
You called my name, reached out your hand, restored my life,
and i was redeemed the moment You enter my life...*sing with me ppl*
haha...anyways, i really do hope to see all of u there
it is a true story concerning Bro. Kelvin Soh's life experience while he was a young boy until his teenage years...
he has wasted his entire 20 years behind bars as in the jail due to drug consumption n many other reasons..and now he is a servent of the Lord goin around the globe serving God as a gospel singer...n he is MARRIED!!! fantastic-ness man...
i truly RESPECT him...haha

hmm, i really hope that u wud make time to come to this drama..
it is full of fantastic casts n great dances that could entertain u n ur family..
so pls do make time to go for this drama coz it might be life changing n transforming :)
C ya soon n take care :)


argh, i cant imagine holidays so bored :(
man, sorry ppl for not updating me bloggie...the internet connection is goin crazy n i think i hav to sue TM for it...haiz...btw, dr. ming shud b saving blogs too n not only lives...wakaka >.<
anyways, there wasnt much happenings in my life these few weeks..just plain boredom la..
but last nite at least i went to the hokkien christmas dinner at wonderland...
at first i was thinking of alice n the wonderland but dnt knw where to masuk to the wonderland la..finally, it was at komtar...amazingly..
i din tot that the gateway to wonderland was komtar...haiyo..blurr blurr d la me..
it was kinda interesting n fun coz there was a clown sitting in the same table as me so it wasnt so bored coz can cho siau as always la..
Bro. Kelvin Soh cn really sing man...RESPECT HIM AR!!!!
actually shud b like triple respect but wasted i dont have 3 hands..wakaka
there were kinda alot of ppl who accepted Christ..GREAT!!
hmmm, the foot was....oops, i mean food was good but sum ppl *aherm* commented that it wasnt..haha..but at least we enjoyed la n get away from boredom...

hmmm, wat else shud i talk about...*think think think*
doinks, how could i forget...*hit myself in the head*
my credit hp habis dah..i no money to reload d :(
so pls dnt sms me ad coz cant reply ma unless u wanna sms syok sendiri n u dnt mind ppl nt replying..haha
see how kesian i am, no money...
therefore, pls donate some cash into my wallet...
u can steal me wallet but then pls be kind enuff to insert some greens n reds n blues into the space provided n return it to me la of coz...
my wallet is starving for reds, greens n blues...
or maybe get me a job la..thks =.=
i seriously cant wait for CNY lo...all the any pows that are flowing in...ahhhh...then get to buy new stuff...hehehehe :P
umm, sorry to say but this year no christmas presents for all of u yea.. veli the paiseh :( since no money rite.. so, u ppl beta pray that some how i can get money la so that u cn get christmas presents from me lo k...hehe

arigato kozaimas for reading THE BORING-EST POST OF THE YEAR!!!
i think u guys who read this post must be bored too...
so dnt hesitate to call me out for coffee but u hav to belanja la yea...no money ma :(
then hopefully i can go oso la if u knw who allows me to..hehe
toodles then..n tune in for mone action packed super hero stories...
whoops, where did that come from??? suddenly the keyboard type itself wan..freeky..
tataz then..n it isnt tartar sauce k...wakaka >.<

Monday, December 1, 2008


typing in the post title is making me even more nervous n shaky..like shakerfries lidat..wahahaha..
anyways, i cant believe that form 5 is like over n there is about 60 or sum more years for me in this life..16years jz went pass me...I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!
gosh, there are so many things i did not do in this 16 years...dang...i havent visit the entire penang yt..din gt to sit rollercoaster yet..din gt to jump off the balcony with a bungee rope of coz... din gt to travel out of malaysia yet...there is just so much to do...
to be honest i will definately miss sch life la...so much siau stuff n more siau stuff we did all our schooling years...hahaha...imagine 40 more years of working for me...agony nia..cnt like hav fun like school children lidat d...hehehe..
i just am still shock that i am a form 5 who just finished spm.. its so not me...i am still so childish n form 5 dsnt suite me state nw...hmmm, i shud b stuck in kindy still...
all me childish acts : watch cartoons, cartoons n more cartoons...
when can i finally grow up man??? God u knw...haha..n You have Your own timing for me..

well, my future is decided by God as God is writing me life story...hmmm, that phrase sounds familiar...where did i get that from?? =.='' *for ur info, its me blog co-name*
so, i am still not sure of wats heading my way..everything is in His hands..for He has a plan for me, a plan to prosper n not to harm me, a plan to give me HOPE n a FUTURE!! AMEN!!
all i am is in Him and He is in me working out His plan...wohoo...no worries...
college or form 6??? dnt care...God shall open doors that no one can shut and close doors that no one can open...wipee...i dnt have to plan anything but live each day as it come to me...
God has a bigger plan for me so i shall not doubt or worry about anything...

ooo, i forgot...today me class is having our class farewell at new world park...wohhooo...
shud it b a sad thing or a happie thing i dnt knw...hahaha..
anyways, i am sure to miss everyone of u ppl no matter wat happens or even happened between us...wateva i did wrong in u ppl's eyes pls forgive me for i aint perfect n i am still learning to be a good person...i may make mistakes so pls forgive me...i dnt think it is worth giving up a frenship after all these while being frens n it is like our last year..n we shud b matured enuff to nt hold any grudges between us...so pls forgive me if i did anything wrong :) n i think i did... :I

hmmm, about driving... tmrw a few of me frens n me are goin for undang..or udang..wakakaka
i am so gonna bring me pillow n wear pajamas there...hehehe..mayb i will b quai kia listen to the undang eventhough u ppl say no need to listen...haha...i shall make a difference...wohoo...
n its me sis b'day tmrw...i feel so bad actually missing her b'day jz to go for the undang thingy...hopefully she really dsnt mind eventhough she said she dsnt mind...

hehehehe..thks for all the makan time together n for paying for the food..
whenever we go out send flowers, we will always make a tour to our favourite makan place n fill our tummy with scrumptious food..thats why me tummy so round d :(
but in everything give thanks..haha :P
love u loads sis...
may God bless u loads in ur work place with mom together...happie working with each other yea..be a good mum, take care of lil christopher n a supportive wifey to kenneth ko ko...
hopefully, u will get to achieve all ur dreams in life...
thks for all the advise n support u have given me throughout me life..n love me so much sumore..hehehe..hugs n kisses..

ahah, there is one more thingy i forgot to tell u ppl...or mayb u ppl knw d la...
i gt 1+2 =3rd batch for NS!!! its kinda farney i gt 3rd batch n it is really unexpected..
God must be making jokes with me..hehehe..so i am planning to send in a proposal letter to swith me to 2 nd batch...if it is possible, i will go for a few weeks oni coz the camp starts in the middle of the year where most of us will b entering form 6 or college d..hehehe...
thank God in everything...its all under His will n plan...
n u ppl dnt hav to miss me so much..coz i will be around messing the lifes of u ppl...wakakaka..
be prepared for me ultimate plan of making ur lives better...wakaka..hopefully better la..

time is seriously passing very fast n its DECEMBER d...
means CHRISTMAS is HERE SOON!!! n alot off ppl's special days are coming soon :)wohooo..
well, our church as always is giving u ppl a gift on Christmas which is a drama..
the details are as followed:

Days: 19th, 20th, 21st of dEcEmBer 2008
Time: nt sure yt...mostly at nite about 7 lidat...
Venue : Dewan Sri Pinang
Admission: FREE!!!!!
Drama (title) : 2nd Chance
Organized by : Penang First Assembly of God
all are warmly welcomed to join u n watch this drama at the following dates...
we encourage u to invite all ur frens to watch this drama n at the same time u can catch up with each other ma..its like killing to birds with one stone...hahaha
there will be acting, dancing n singing involved...n hopefully we will b able to deliver the message of Christmas to u :)

hmmm, that about it that is coming up in me schedule of updates...
hopefully, there will b more exciting stuff coming up that i can blog about :P
make me life more interesting...HELP ME!!!
hope to hear from u ppl soon k..
take care n adios amigos.
Have a great day n God Bless ya !! :)


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