God Is Writing My Life Story...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thousand apologies for not updating me bloggie...
truth be told: i am shuper shuper bezee with form 6 stuff..
truth be told: was actually lazee as well..
hahahaha :P
anyways, at least i got the inspirasi to blog now..or else i think i wud have just shut down this blog mer..hehe..
so, wats goin on in form 6???
form 6 is kinda tuff even at the beginning nie..so, i cant imagine wat i will be facing in the future to come =/ :S
its freeky with all the new information bombarded to me face n i am suppose to remember every single detail..n considering the fact that i havent been studying ever since spm, I FORGOT EVERYTHING!!!!! seriously, i cant remember a single thing i studied before.. owh my memory, why have thou forsaken me :S
n the worse part of all is cassy aka me daughter went for matrics n leave me rotting alone in class with no idea wat the teachers are teaching n making me lonely in most classes...its not that me classmates arent doin a gud job keeping me company, but ntgh can compare to a fren whom u knew ever since like standard 5... but i thk God for cool n friendly plus farney classmates!!!!
after the hols when most ppl migrate to other classes n all, our lower 6 science 4 will be left with 2 girls, n 8 guys...imagine 10 students in one class..how fun is that??!! hopefully some mgs girls will be transferred to our class so that it wdnt be so boorrriiiinnnnggg...the more the merrier ma..hehehe >.<
teachers on the other hand are ok nie ler...sum boleh bersosial n sum kinda farney ler..we kinda laugh behind their backs n they wud stare at us weirdly with a question on their face "wat r u laughing at??" O_o
but anyways, ITS FARNEY!!! wakakakakakaka...
so its holidays again!! wohoo..yipee!!! not so for me :(
our class have to go find buggsies for our bio project n we are heading to botanical gardens to catch all these creepy crawlies on monday..a hike plus a treasure hunt where the treasures can crawl n make girls scream at them..eeks =.=
after that a movee at gurnay if possible..hehehehe :)
first outing with new ppl...cool n awesome-ness...
n the rest of me next two weeks on this earth, i have to STUDEE...hear me loud n clead..STUDEEEEE!!!! gosh, how boring wud me holidays be man..tell me the truth, its boring rite??
haix, i knew the answers is yes..but pls look me in the face n tell me it wdnt be boring...plsssss....
i know i am getting really lame now n i guess its due to the lack of sleep n the fact that i cant accept the fact of having to studee like crazee during the hols...so i guess i shud stop the lame-ness and just put a period rite here--> .

toodeloos ppl..dnt wanna get u ppl infected with me lameness.wnt be updating for another couple of weeks so pls dnt waste ur time checking for updates on me blog..hahahaha..jk jk..
do drop by to re-read me post n have urselves laughing at me..no worries..i know i bring joy to me readers..wakakaka..perasaning..
take care n till next time..
adios..God Bless :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the search for ME, i discovered TRUTH.
In the search for TRUTH, I discovered LOVE.
In the search for LOVE, I discovered GOD.
In the search for GOD, I FOUND EVERYTHING.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

YO!!! MISS ME???

announcing the return of the blog-mistress..*applause n crazee shouting in excitement*...GLADYS HO YEE THENG aka GLADUS HO YEE THENG aka GLADZ aka GLADZTER...

*blog mistress walks up on stage n gives speech*

Blog mistress :
I just know u ppl have been missing me lots, rite?? *stares in expectation of nods in agreement* anyways, just to let u knw, i didnt miss anyone at all..so the truth is out..u may now slap me on the face n wake me up from this dream...

wake-ie wake-ie u silly blog mistress..*slaps*..take a step into reality.. *doosh*

>>wee woo wee wooo waaa wee woo waaa>> >>>veee-ooonnnggg>>>

Gladys : woooowwww!!! *doosh- suddenly landed in a blue page filled with words* hmm, where am i at i wonder?? lets check this out... wow, this reads "god is writing my life story''...
hmm, tuesday, march 10, 2009...wow thats like 2 mnths ago..this must be sum abandoned wall of writing n stuff...eekks, look at the spidey webbies *points points*

Blog: DUH!!! who is the one who din keep on updating her bloggie?? till now oso no ppl visit her blog ad...u tell me la..

Gladys: YIKES!!! who was that...hmmm, must be someone wanting sum answers or sumthing... anyways, am so disappointed with the person who din update her blog ler..how can lidat wan.. must be responsible over sumthing that is given free to u mer,rite anot??

Blog: wow wow wow.. look who's talking..O.O

Gladys : ummm, me??? O.o

Blog: u got it there...didnt u knw that u din update ur bloggie for a long time n this is ur blog n ur blog is talking to u rite now..haix..am so so disappointed in u..wat a blog mistress i have..u have done it once, n u've done it again...rmbr the last time..haiyo...

Gladys : did i ever had a blog *hits head with palm*...alamakz!!! i HAVE a BLOG...how cud i forget..its like all me random rants n lame-ness all compiled into a page..ish-ness..why am i always so forgetful..dang, must get external hard drive for me brain ad..hahahaha :P

Blog: dis aint a joke u silly girl...its a matter of me dying..when less ppl come in, spiders will dominate me n i will sooner or later fade away from the memory of blogs...see how crucial that wud be..

Gladys : wow, such an impact huh...well, i am back nw so i wud be updating u n writing on u..hehehe..so wud u forgive me?? PLS.......

Blog: u r forgiven...just rmbr to take goodie care of me..hmmm..

*blog-mistress n bloggie..REUNITED!!!!!*

wohhooo hoo!!! i am back from NS ppl..n thats no biggie news rite..n its kinda out-dated news...so, u ppl who just knw that i am back in penang...boo urselves!!! u have the word OUT-DATED written across ur forehead..just go check the mirror n see...hahahaha... well, i guess no one missed me la since i was away n surely everything went all logical without me around to make things lame n unlogical..nyek nyek nyek..
am really sorry for not updating me blog n din say guddie bye to u ppl before me flew to penjara...hahahaha..*indian slang* THOUSAND APOLOGIES!!! i am wrong n guilty :(
anyways, to those who miss me..u dnt have to miss me no more..hahaha..u can see me till u pa pa or shall i say full full..hahahaha >.<

>>NS aka National Service aka PLKN aka berkhidmat untuk negara>>
many ppl have been asking me alot of questions bout me in ns n all..the only thing i can tell u is that, NS IS GREAT BECAUSE OF THE FRIENDS!!!!
food and facilities n the pentadbiran there aint that nice la i can tell u...other camps maybe better than mine but thk God He gave me perseverence n patience n strenght to go thru all these..
to be very honest, i have no regrets goin for NS..n besides that, i made great friends..hehe :)
the experience is munny cant buy k..really thk God for friends, dnt knw hw wud life hv been in NS without them..eventhough its just for like 6 weeks, we did everything together, thus the bonding is really there..so now, i really am missing them..
some of me frens are still continuing their training till the end..while some sambung belajar like me..
so when ppl ask me whether i am goin back to camp??... YES I AM!!! to visit me friends..nyek nyek..n to visit padang besar..din really got a chance to do that..so saddening rite T.T
the trainers there are kinda farney, sum kinda tak munasabah at the things dat they do n they are very friendly la..hehe :)
there are tonnes of activities done there..me just got to do flying fox, creative games, kayaking, water confidence n low rope activities...hehe..too bad was unable to hold M16..so disappointed..all me frens from other camps pulak get to shoot ad..haix..tak tahan nie lo :(
hmm, i went to Perlis Grace Church which is an Assembly of God church..the church is a new church n there are about lss than 50 members only..the members there are super friendly n every one notices u..n we have lunch in church where sum of the members cook n bring the food to church..how cool is dat!! hehe..
~~wud just wanna thks veryn's family for comin in every week to visit us n for bringing food n all those stuff to make us feel more at home..hahaha..thks for fetching me back to penang too :)
really appreciate all your help!!!~~
~~thks to me sis too :) love you loads!!! really appreciate ur help n frequent visits..thks for everything n sorry for mahuan-ing u :P ~~
so, for more info bout me NS chapter..pls do contact me at 016-1234567..wakakaka..just find me, u knw where i always am..nyek nyek >.<

so, the new chapter of life just flipped open before me eyes...with blank pages to be written in my own hand-writting..haha :)
FORM 6!!! at SXI!!!
fu-yoh...i am all grown up!! i sheriouly cant believe that i am in form 6 now n its already soon to be the middle of the year..i didnt rmbr me doin anything beneficial the passed 5 mnths..i cant believe i wasted my time just like dat..haix..am kinda disappointed myself n now i am facing reality again..i didnt even had enuff rest after NS n now i am back to school life..hmm, so tiring actually..
many ask me..why form 6?? --> firstly, no munny for college..second, dnt knw why application for jpa tidak diproses n i had the acknowledgement letter saying they accept me application form ad..thirdly, din get matrix..i dont mean the show, stay on the same page with me pls.. *acting sherious but giggles* then i kinda had the peace of God that form 6 was for me n where i shud be la..hehe :)
how's form 6?? --> well, just went thru orientation for 3days n the teachers are kinda ok la.. umm, kinda scary n unsecure n doubtful of me being in form 6..whether its really wat God wants me to go thru or not..all the subjects are tough i knw n me have to buck up n work shuper hard..fulamak!! hopefully i can keep up to the standard n cope with me studies...just dont have confidence in myself that whether it is possible for me to go thru these..whether i can get into Uni..am i able to score for STPM..i am just messed up..dnt wanna go my own way coz His way is higher than mine but can i really take the pressure of the plan He has for me..i dnt wanna struggle in my own will..n i dnt wanna waste me 2yrs studying n nt being able to masuk Uni..i just dont knw ler..haix..GOD HELP ME!!! gv me strength to believe in You n surrender all to You...pls do pray for me, thats the most important thing i need now..hehe :) thks lots friends :)
wat i like bout saintz?? --> the sch i mean..hehe..umm, the sch kinda big but the class that me am in is kinda too stuffy n too small for 20 students..haha..woops, thats kinda the wrong answer for the question..but anyway, who cares..me blog mer..hahahaha..umm, food there is nice n cheap..thks to edward for intro-ing the curry mee n fried rice..haha..me classmates r kinda great ppl..just got to knw them today, like names n their interests..haha..

greater things are coming n i hope i will be prepared for it..this is me updating u ppl on me lyfe..for more info just drop by to say hi n ask me ques..will try to answer ur interview..hahahaha..pls continue to pray for me :) apprecaite it alot!!!
have an awesome week n take care :)
God Bless You!!!


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