God Is Writing My Life Story...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


fuwah...i seriously realize alot of stuff these few days back...
so interesting n yet shocking n some makes me feel merely dumb...
cant wait for things to happen la...
when things happen, something new n exciting is gonna start n i cant wait...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

its ALL OVER!!!!

phew, finally exams are kinda over for the time being...haha :P
but i miss the time when we get to go back early *ponders*
n i miss the not-so-heavy bags we get to bring to school... ahhh...
now i have to come home later...n bring heavier bags *sobs*
ah, wat a relief that it is finally over..
and i think i am over...as in i am so dead after getting my results :(
so gonna kena from my mom n sis la... *huhu*

well, it was ok la...i actually wanna thk God for everything coz i couldn't have done it without Him la...duhh...haha...feel like getting grammy's or some award...haha..
anyways, i really din expect the marks i get now in my hands coz i really expected something worse that wat i get...so all GLORY n HONOUR goes to my FATHER GOD!!!!
in everything give thanks :)
am really happy n contented with the results i have now...
n maybe some of u might think its not good la...but nvm i will excel...
no worries...i will try my best to score all 11 A1s...AMEN!!!
tak tahan-ness lo in school...super sien n sleepy..argh...
i would rather have skipped school...
nearly the entire form 5 classes are like nearly empty...haha except our class la..
fulamak...n i am super happie din kena scolding by my teachers la..
haha...all was well la actually :)

so, there aint much stuff to update u ppl about la actually..
just about the exams...haha...
gonna face them again in 7 weeks to come... O.o
scary again...so...u ppl know wat to do for me la rite..
thats all i need rite now actually...hehe :)
thks alot to those who always uphold me in prayer...
muaxx n huggsss <3

Saturday, September 20, 2008

some food stuff b'day...

hmmm...sound weird to see food stuff have like b'days...haha :P
maybe its the date when they are manufactured...hmmm..maybe...
actually the b'day of my food stuff fren was like yesterday (19/9)
thk God i remembered...was actually confused till dont know whether i wished her correctly...haha..swt me =.="...see starts de la me +.+

haha...so i am goin straight to the point now...
see i told u i have a food stuff fren...its YONG TAU FOO...yummie..
well, whenever i eat yong tau foo or see a yong tau foo store...it leads to u renee yong...haha :)
lets sing for u... give me a G... haha >.<
# happie burfday to u..
happie burfday to u...
happie burfday to yong tau foo...
happie burfday to u...
wipee... i cant believe it u are already 15...haha
wow from the date of manufacture till now u still haven gone bad...
must be alot of preservatives la in you...haha :P
wa, ppl makan u oni sure must drink a lake of water...hahahahaha :)
well, all the best in ur PMR... must score all straight As...
may God bless you with a partner..another yong tau foo...haha :P
actually dont get involved so young la...haha :P
anyways, may God bless u with a great partner in the future lo..
then may God bless u with greater talents to serve Him...
may God enlarge n strenghten ur ministries n bless u as u honour Him with the talents He gave u...
haih...just cant forget the time u sang 'to know ur name'...so holiau...haha :P
all in all... HAPPIE BURFDAY YONG TAU FOO!!!!!

am CoNFuSeD o.O

argh...its been a quite hactic week n very saddening as well la...
the entire add math paper kinda ruin my mood le kinda..
its so sickening to see i cant do the sums eventhough i know how to do..
n when the ttn teacher like thought me how to do..it was like SUPER EASY!!!!
argh...tak tahan...*press press press*

am really confused at the state at which i am in now...
donno why so blurr...must be the exams le... saddening :(
am kinda having a hard time figuring stuff out n i am really worn out la..
hope my day will be ok today...
i dowanna be emo or sad today...
pls cheer me up....argh...haha :P
just tak tahan...under-stress...
pre-stress syndrome..haha...
imagine if i cant handle exam stress..how am i gonna survive in the future...
God be my strength...
sien ar...why must i go thru all these le...
so darn sickening n depresing too... huhu *sobs*

God is my EVERYTHING...
Help me God!!!!
MORE of YOU, LESS of me...hehe :P
refresh me...cleanse me...make me new once again..
i dowan to live in this world de la..wanna change it into a better place..
tell the world about Jesus... am willing to take up the cross...n the challenge i made for myself..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Respect Commando....

haha the title sound farney la..coz this post is dedicated to a farney person who kinda invented the phrase 'respect commando' haha..
so why got posting for this person le... n who is the person..
well, actually i dowan to post wan but alah, give face sikit lo..
today is MELVIN TEOH a.k.a AH MIAU'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! wohoo...
happie birthday to u,
happie birthday to u,
happie birthday to melvin,
happy birthday to u...
yay... old de lo the cat... haha :)
ok so i dont have b'day present for u la..sorrie k...hehe :P
firstly, may God bless u bountifully n exceedingly well in ur studies n also grant u more talents so that u can serve Him even more...
secondly, may God bless you by letting ur hair grow longer since u dont like ur new hair cut...haha :) *wasted la u cut...the pony tail was super awesome la...must RESPECT U*
may God bless u also with a wifey la ok *u noe who i am talking about la-no need to kesi kesi*
actually she is ur wifey wan but u aiyah...donno la..dont wanna seng jin oni...haha :O
*dont kill me ok* both the husband n the wife if u read this...haha...
HAPPIE BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN!!!!! enjoy ur day n GBU :)

Making The Move...

wohoo.... ok man...and woman...haha :)
well i am gonna post something bout making the first move...
okie dokie, this is not about boyfren n girlfren stuff about who to make the first move la ok...
dont think nonsense la ok...haha..

so here goes nothing...
its been awhile i thought bout this stuff in my head la...until my mom said something bout making the first move today...awesome lo...like got motherly instinct...haha :)
so well, all the time we kinda expect ppl to do stuff first n we just follow..
its like a trend la..u see ppl straighten their hair then u oni follow...haha...
guys i donno la...maybe see ppl play video games then follow la...
so anyway, i am gonna post about doin wat is right n start the trend n influence ppl with it..

there is like positive influence n negative influences la...like wat i read in my english text book...haha :)
n so, we often say good ppl are getting lesser n lesser by the day...
why do we say that?? hmmm...i oso donno le...haha :)
we most of the time or is it only me la i donno...always wanna see wat moves ppl make first then oni start moving along la...hmmm...it means i get influence easily..*argh the agony o.O*
so good ppl are getting less n less so why dont we start being good to others n set that trend of being good... rite?
n ppl will say 'wow, good ppl are getting more n more'...haha :)
ok, talking bout relationships for instant...
no matter wat relationship la...frens ka or family ka or even boy-girl relationships la...
we kinda say our frens or relatives or gf/bf 'eleh, she very good meh' that kinda thing u noe???
i donno u noe or not but i noe la...*just being sarcastic*
anyway, when we judge ppl by saying they are bad are we reflecting it on ourselves...
so since we say they arent good why dont we show them how to act good n be good ourselves...
contohnya, lets say a bf just broke up with his gf la...n he tells his frens..
'aiyah, she aint a good gf la thats why i dumped her'... but think on the others side...the bf say the gf not good but is he good towards the gf... this stuff may occur but not definately la...guys pls dont think i tembaking u or wat ok...hehe :)
thats where we shud play our role n influence ppl..
when u do good unto others others will react in the same way too...
so wat harm can doing good bring to...
therefore, we shud start moulding ourselves or even let God mould us to be someone better to influence others n they will look at us differently but its ok..
if we direct our path in the ways of righteousness n bring out the Christ likeness in us...ppl will be amazed of wat a person you are..
besides, ppl will want to get to know u better n be in your trend..

i feel that influencing ppl in a good way is good la n the person may cultivate your acts..
as a christian...when we show Christ likeness in the society, ppl are actually aware of us wan u noe.. sometimes we may not notice it ourselves but ppl are there to witness...
so, when Christ likeness is shown they will be curious on how we act to certain stuations n stuff..
n when they come to a situation similar to ours...hopefully they will react like us la rite...doin stuff like Christ... that means, we are able to direct other ppls paths n mind sets u noe..
see the power of influencing others... *i've got the power*..haha :P
so why dont we start influencing ppl in a good way...like showing and acting on wat we read in the bible and be christ like in manner...
in that way, ppl will act in a better way.. in line with God's way...rite??

phew, this post is kinda confusing though...haha :P
anyway, i hope u ppl are able to understand wat my thoughts are thinking la..
so dont wait to see how ppl react in situations but make the first right move n ppl will follow...
that sort of thing la.. haha :D
so thats for now lo....
you ppl have an awesome day thinking about wat saying i and start spreading the influenza...
haha...just kiddin..
Have an AWESOMELY SWEET day n GBU banyak-banyak :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

the Blog MISTRESS is BACK!!!!!

yo ppl... i am kinda back to the industry of blogging...haha :)
sorry for not updating for nearly a month or a few weeks...
i noe a few of u are like calling me to update n stuff...TRIALS LA!!!
n thks for some who kinda understand my situation...hehe :)
well, i have a lot to update but yet...hmmm..i dont know where to start off la...

okie...here i go >>>>vrooooommmm>>>>>
have been facing a few relationship problems with my fren la...
but i really dont know who is wrong n who is not...
and actually i dont even know wat is happening... =.=" blurr-ness...haha
so just pray for the best lo... pray for me too :)

ok...trials...how was it???
wow i am que n a-ing myself...cool
haha...trials was full of test lo...ask yourself when u are facing it..haha
actually trials was ok la...thk God i was kinda able to finish studying some stuff...
in everything give thanks n i have to start confessing good stuff..
so, I AM GONNA SCORE 11A1's!!!! AMEN!!!!
with Christ nothing is impossible...wo-hoo!!!
so pls continue to pary for mua in this area too :)
btw, my trials ends on the 22nd so u ppl who wanna go out...tag me along yea...haha :)

phew...kinda went through loads of stuff during this period of time...
n u noe wat...i am having toothache *sobs*
my wisdom tooth is coming out n i am gonna be wiser than all of u...muahahahaha XD
no la...u ppl more holiau den me...must RESPECT all of u readers...haha >.<
n one of the sad stuff...i am growing side ways :(
its ok...thk God i dont have to bring my fats back to heaven...thk You Lord :)

ooo....besides all these stuff...
wipee...finally you are getting married...even earlier than me...haha XD
congrats sound WO-man!!!
wakaka...its not her wedding la...just main-main nia..haha
lets sing...
happy burpday to you *burp*
happy burpday to you *burp*
happy burpday to melissa *burp*
happy burpday to you *long-burp*
haha... happy birthday mate..
will celebrate with you next time around yea...
n no b'day presents coz i gave you a kiss de yea...haha :)
study hard n dont play play de lo... haha
may God bless you abundantly n exceedingly well as you bless others :)
may God bless you in your studies n other stuff yea...haha :)
dont eat so much oso yea.. even if u wont grow fatter if u eat more...haha :)
oh well, i really hope i can online n blog sumore soon :)
so stay tuned for more wacky news n entertainment from the blog mistress :)
miss me..hehe :)


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