God Is Writing My Life Story...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

:S :( T.T O_o -MIXED EMOTIONS- :) :O =.= xP

ok ok..i am so sorrie i dnt have the inspiration to blog bout me biggie buisness thingy yet but i assure u that the post will b coming to cinemas real soon..umm, not cinemas i meant but me bloggie..hahaha :P
anyways, nowadays ppl have been facing the economy downturn while i am facing an emotional downturn pulak...huiyo..dnt knw wats goin on with me..mayb just goin crazy n all..hehehe =.=''
i must seriously see a doctor or just admit meself into the psycho ward la..*talking to meself - gladz, dnt say such negative stuff...okay :( *
well, its not that bad till i have to see the doc la..its just that there are TOO MUCH goin on..n i can repeat that TOO MUCH *screams*
i just have so much to feel all at one time..huiyo..its so sickening lo :(
so, wat am i feeling rite now?? the answer: I DNT KNOW!!!
why must we have feeling anyways?? how i wish i can be a robot..no need to worry n feel so much..haha..but not fun oso cant feel happy wan.. ok, just chuck the last few sentences bout me being a robot away :S
i am having symptoms of EMOTIONAL DISORDER O_o..FREEKY!!!!

and so the story goes...
well, i kinda sent in a letter to the jabatan which is in charged of national service to change me to the 2nd batch where my orignal kumpulan was batch 3..
n guess wat? my application passed..therefore i am goin for NS 2nd batch which is from the 20th of march till june the 8th...
i am stationed at camp guar chenderai, padang besar, kangar, perlis..haha =.=''
i heard its kinda ulu n one of me fren is currently stationed there..
so, u might ask me why am so happie i got to go NS..
well, me answer is.... i never hated NS or feared of goin for it la..i think i am able to handle it qua n besides, its an awesome experience..lots of me frens in 1st batch survived..so why cant i..haha
another reason is really a miracle la that shows taht God really fulfills our hearts desires :)
and so..lets roll the cameras *play*
ppl involved : me n veryn (me buddie in church n school)
so, both me n veryn were kinda shocked we were chosen for NS since the end of last year..
n well, guess wat?? veryn dreamt then both of us ended up in the same camp with another few frens..haha..odd dream u may say but its the start of the story.. haha
so she shared with me her dream n we were confessing that we wud b in the same camp n prayed for the dream to come true..haha :)
n when we were checking our locations for NS (tuesday)..i got into guar chenderai camp while she was stationed at sum other camp at bukit mertajam..but there was an ulasan saying that she might be transferred to another camp due to sum complications..
we were kinda sad that our prayers n hearts desires werent answered at first but in everything give thanks rite...
i was kinda sad le coz its like an ulu place le n sumore tak ada frens n me heart's desire didnt come to pass..
and so, on tuesday nite itself after bible study...veryn called n she brought really great..
she re-checked her NS location..n God worked His plan..she was stationed in the SAME camp as me!!! i was shuper shocked :O
we were so happy that nite that i cudnt stop smiling n just praising God.. God is seriously hillarious la..its like he is playing with us and making sum suspense n just make us believe in Him n never doubt His plans for us..haha :)
and so veryn n me are heading to the same camp at guar chenderai, perlis...with heart's desires answered n joy in our hearts :)
i really can feel that God has a great plan awaiting for us during our NS..n its His will for me to be there lo..haha
just say, wat i i didnt send in me application to change to 2nd batch?? i wnt be goin for NS n veryn wud b alone n our heart's desires wdnt b answered..n we wdnt be able to see God's hands working just to make everything perfect in His will n timing..hehe :)
therefore, its really a great new that have a teman during NS...haha
n adelene dnt b jealous coz u got the better n nicer location >.<

saddening-ness :( T.T
ta chieh is goin back to KL today...its so shuper fast le..i didnt even hang out with her :(
sadness..i am so gonna miss her lots lo...thks ta chieh for everything that u have done for me..even the simplest thing which is being my fren..haha :P really appreciate it..hugs n muakz :)
u better get back to penang early or else sumone wud be missing u so much le..hehehe =.=
take care ta chieh n may God bless you loads in Kl :)

hmm, have been facing alot of challenges n testings le these few weeks..
alot of stuff to think of n handle..i just dnt knw wat to do n i just feel so lost..
my only HOPE is JESUS!! there are so many things goin on in my life that i dnt even have enuff time for God n myself..its so sickening :/
i cant even handle me life properly..huiyo :(
God! i need wisdom n help...aahhhh..i cant do this on my own..i need You to intervene n reshuffle me life..i dnt knw wat to do and wat i am capable of doin...but i look to You, Lord.
ppl, pls pray for me..really need lots of prayer..thks :)

hmm, its just so sad to look at myself n questioning myself..
i really need God n God alone rite now..only He can help me from all these..
i just feel like a car which is about to break down..i just need a fresh touch le..
so disappointed with myself..btw, i aint emo k..emo-ing is not in my dictionary..hehe
just feeling lost le.. :S
well, thats me with some mixed emotions..n thats me life.
take care ppl n thks for ur prayers n advise :)
till next time *poof*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

wat title shud i put??? hmmmm...

well, did u knw that i just titled me post, wat title shud i put???hmmm... n so thats the title..wakakaka...just being LAME as usual...
anyways, is love still in the air even after valentine's??? hmm, i guess not...ppl stoped buying flowers for their gurlfrens...thats so saddening :(
shudnt u--> *guys* gv flowers to ur girlfrens most of the time not only on valentine's day???
that means they only receive a bouquet of flowers every year!!! the horror... O.o
apala...tak boleh pakai la lidat...

well, updates anyone??? haha :)
hmm, was kinda bz preparing valentine's day flowers, for well... valentine's la..DUH!!but actually this year's valentine's isnt as..*well as an expression* HOT as compared to last year's.. ppl dnt seem to be buying flowers anymore..owh well, maybe more ppl are celebrating SINGLE AWARENESS DAY this year...i am in that celebration :)
and so..with less valentine's orders..God actually diverted our valentine's orders into olang mati orders.. there were kinda alot of arrangements for funerals n stuff...which was wat me sis was hoping for coz the profit gained is much higher...so happy us :D
well, its kinda fun goin out to send valentine's day flowers...cn get to see the shocking expressions on the receiver's face..haha..shud have recorded the expressions on their faces on camera n let them see...nyek nyek =.=
there is one saddening part though... I MISSED IGNTE!!!!! arghh...so sad k, cnt hang out with me cute preety girlfrens on valentine's nite...ish..
i was thinking that there will surely be alot of ppl buying flowers n practically me mom wud need me help...manatau, satu lalat pun tak ada =.= sad case nie :(
so there goes me valentine's day...gone with the wind..n every year i rejoice for being SINGLE!!! hahaaha :)

16th february--->MONsterDAY!! aaahhhh :O
i din meet a monster or wateva but i went out with frens :) *in alphebetical order : adelene, ben teoh, chia ming, edward n neil*
we went for a movie and were suppose to meet at 11.20 at nando's...
n guess wat i was the late one..paiseh ppl =.=
me suddenly had to go o the bank n the uncle infront of me who is cashing munny nto his account is shuper rich that he had to put the money into the slot severa times n not all at once.. then i terpaksa wait..n guess wat!! my credit suddenly passed on n i cdnt inform them until neil called...paisehness AGAIN =.=
we watched 'new in town' at 12noon..n the cinema was so shuper unpacked...haha
i think there were aroud 10ppl nie..hehe
n we ruled n rocked the cinema with our loud voices... *sorry to those who were irritated in the cinema...it wasnt me, it was --->them* hahaha..it was sort of all of us except ben the quiet one..so emo-ish lo...
hmm, an as usual adelene was dera-ing a few ppl..ganas-ness...freeky lo..luckily i din kena from her..hahaha..i kesian u neil..ahaha xP
well, the show was ok la..the story line kinda predictable but there were some shuper farney parts la...hehehe..seriously farney n geli abit..hehe
after the show, we went for mum mum at the food court..chia ming itro the tomyam noodles so i tried la..hmmm, it was kinda nice la...will makan it sum other time again :)
then we were juz walking around n fooling around as usual la..
then we went to nike n world of sport to look at shoes..n guess wat!!!! i saw me nike in GOLD colour!!! ish...why la now baru gt gold colour wan....aaarrrrgggghhhh :(
saddening nie...cn sumone just get me a pair of the gold nike pretty please *angelic innocent eyes* ok fine, in everything gv thks n i love me pair of nike the way it is... no regrets :/
after that, we went to TOYS R US!!! hehe..so many rubiks..n i had one n dnt knw where i put it..now i want it back..now a rubik is in my christmas list..muahaha >.<
n of coz, we played with kiddy games there..*am still a kid*
after the kiddy's time, we wanted to grab a drink..at that time, we met chiew ying who is the birthday girl that day.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHIEW YING!!!
then we sat outside dome n chatted awhile until we decided to go to starbucks for sum drinks..
i went for the caramel hot chocolate..its reali nice but too sweet la.. then adelene, edward n neil had some mango juice thingy... also kinda sweet.. i guess starbucks are supporting diabetics =.=''
so we sat n talked n talked n talked till 5 sumthing where all of us have to cabut ad...
but it was a fun time la we had together gether..hope to go out soon again with u ppl :)

and so, another day emerges as the sun rises...hehe.. i like that line n it just came out so spontaneously...me pro-ness..wakakaka..perasaning >.<
anyways, tuesday..chia ming n edward stop by me shop n buat kacau..hehe..
edward loaded a mcd game into me comp n its really fun to play lo...melvin was the one who intro to ed, who intro to me..haha..its kinda nice le n gt strategy wan..
my senior a.k.a chia ming like so holiau lo..play till the company cant bankcrupt lidat wan..just view chia ming's bloggie...haha..RESPECT U!!!
then we walked to midlands for lunch at mcd..there is so much mcd that day..haha
n i met alot of me juniors..haih..make me miss school so so much...aaahhh
n its really great to see them growing..haha :)
then we walked back to me shop n online.. hehehe..watch happy tree friends..shuper geli nie xO
dare not watch ad..haih..too violent..haha
then malam go bible study :)

ystd was just ok la...me had driving lesson ON THE ROAD!! it was shuper freeky n terrifying lo..thk God i din pengsan or made anyone had any heart attack..
well, thks uncle for teaching me how to drive properly :) n thks for the patience...hehehe
anyways, i nearly got killed or mayb knoced by an inconsiderate car driver..
the person just dsnt seem to understand the letter 'L' in front of the car..'L' is for LEADER ma..
follow the leader ma..swt nie the person..must go back to primary sch and drive plastic cars to practice following the leader skills..hehehe
the stupiak driver out of no where suddenly makan into ppl's lane without a single signal or watsoever..wat is this la...thk God the uncle held the stearing wheel n avoided the car..or else i wud have died...haih...THK GOD!!!
btw, i finally got me lisence to be "LAME'!!! wakakaka...n i hate the lisence coz me pic looks so weird =.= me n me weird looking face :( haih...nvm >.<

hehe..well me next update will be on me "BIG MONEY MAKING BUISNESS"..hehehe
so stay tuned if u want more info..
u ppl have a wonderful day & take care :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


no i didnt go to genting n ride a roller coaster...but in fact, i had a fantastic n fun roller coaster time during me first driving lesson...hahaha
well, i was suppose to go for me driving lesson on wednesday but we had to shift it to friday...
n so, friday came..thk God its not friday the 13th...haha...nah, i aint that superstitious bout those stuff...who cares...haha...anyways, it was a great experience la..
at first when we reached batu maung there, we went to d office n was registerring in for the driving lesson.. n so, we saw the evil undang teacher which i m scared of for no reason...haha..then me njulie were like...crap d la if i get him to teach me...haha..then, manatau julie was so fortunate to get him to sign her paper...but thk God, he din teach any of us..wakaka =.=
well, most of the teachers there were hokkien speaking n our hokkien arent that holiau...so, i was like..how do we say left n right in hokkien?? n we were like 'tow cheiw' or 'ceiah cheiw'...then suddenly a big evil teacher was like..wa, u all chinese oso dnt knw 'tow cheiw n ceiah cheiw'..that was so memalukan but at least he told us which is which...haha
so the driving lesson starts...*some mysterious tune*
we were actually separted into two person per car..so i was with cass n julie was with sarah..
wohoo...n d fun begins with sum chair adjustments n mirror adjustments n sum gear shifting...haha..was kinda fun till the uncle left us in d middle of the field n we had to practise the gear thingy all by ourselves...thk God me sis kinda taught me how to do that ad...or else i wud b see-ing stars ad...
then we went dated the car for 3 hours...in the HOT sun...aaahhh, free sun tanning...haha
it was kinda fun la driving...cn pecut soon ad..wakaka...cnt wait to drive but scared kena bullied by the road drivers...they show no mercy T.T
anyways...we practised naik bukit...n it was shuper fun la...like roller coaster lidat nie..haha
it was kinda freeky at first but in d end when we berjaya to naik n turun the bukit that time, it was shuper cool la..
the freeky thing: i forgot ti pull hand brake when i was on the hill...stupiak me =.=''
the fun thing: cass step on the accelerator when goin down the bukit...haha..
there were loads of screaming from our car at first the the teachers were all like stareing at us nie =.='' memalukan..haha
hmm, asd for sarah's car...wow, julie n sarah were like race track drivers...hahaha..
drive so fast...me drive 20km/h nie already say fast d lo..
imagine when i cm out to the road to drive..surely everyone wud b honking since i drive so slow..hahaha...have patience ppl, have patience... :)
but to be honest, reality driving is much more fun than daytona...haha..daytona, bang the wall oso cnt die wan..hehe...real wan bang wall the got strawberry jam all over ar..wakaka =.=
after driving lesson, me went for friday prayer meeting..hmmm, was shuper shheeellleeepy but Ps. Jimmy's sermon was so farney that i cnt afford to fall asleep..hehe...
he shared bout 'what's wrong with that...' ahaha.. kinda nice la..
then balik oni..tidur ad...tak tahan lo..whole day drive, so tiring..

so, saturday came by n we were having music prac in the morning...
then after music prac...we (me, melissa n edward) went to gurney to get sum stuff for the gifts we are planning to sell...hehe
then we went to tesco mcd to sit down n let our cute lil designer, lil miss meL meL design the bottle..shuper holiau lo she..then we went there to take straws to do our projct oso la..
hmm, basically its straw stars in a shaped bottle then u ppl cn customize ur own message wan..hehehe..the we cn write for u on the bottle..
then we say sum new honda city..jealous..i dream to have a new honda city one day...haha..may God bless me with an all new honda city...n meL its CITY not SITI...n its a CAR nt a MAID!!!!
haha...make joke ar u meL meL..cute nie :P
hmm, then IGNITE service was great la...uncle aka william shared for fire starter...the message was really good la..really agree with wat he said..hehe

the, it was yesterday (matahari day) hehe..
actually planned to watch panther merah jambu 2 with ben n edward then manatau this ben say no money...ben, dnt lie...i knw u saving money for valentine's dinner rite...hehehe..nyek nyek >.<
then, finally janice wanted to join us..n so she did..hehe..
went to queensbay n watch...manatau, so many ppl n we cdnt find a parking space at all..
go up, go down the parking bay nie...haih..until we prayed for a parking lot...n guess wat!!??? our prayer was answered immediately...amazing-ness!!!! haha.. kam sia Chu che che ar...
then, edward actually made reservations for the 5 pm show while we were there at 2 sumthing ad...so we went to the empty reservation counter n we wanted to change our movee time...then fortunately, the gurl just took our request n we dnt hv to queue up in at the supher packed lane...THK GOD!!!!
the show was great la..shuper awesomely farney...hmmm, this shows that there are other lamer ppl in this world who creates such farney n lame moooveesss... i am not alone..O.o
ppl pink panther 2 is a must watch :)
really nice...hehehe...wish i have munny to watch again..nyek nyek >.<

well, today was suppose to be a holiday...manatau, have to come down to d office pulak..haih..my mom really potong the mood of holidays..ish..now have to prepare for valentines pulak..hmmm..
so, now i am killing time by onlining n updating me bloggie...hehehe
so, for all u lovey dovey ppl who wants to get some flowers for ur darling or ur hunny or wateva u call ur beloveds...here are the pricing for this year... get ready O.o

1 Stalk .................................................RM 15.oo
3 Stalks................................................RM 45.00
6 Stalks................................................RM 90.00
12 Stalks...............................................RM 150.00

(price per stalk)
Sunflowers...........Small Sized......................RM 5.00
Sunflowers.........Medium Sized..................RM 8.00
Sunflowers..........Large Sized......................RM 10.00
Madonna Lily...............................................RM 10.00
Tiger Lily......................................................RM 15.00
Tulip............................................................RM 20.00
Casablanca/Stargazer..................................RM 25.00


Town Area..............................................RM 10.00
Bayan Baru/ Batu Ferringhi...................RM 20.00

well, if u really need flowers or if u wud like to enquire bout anything..jz feel free to contact Katherine/ Audrey at 04-228 2528 or 04-228 0884.
THKS :).

Monday, February 2, 2009

wats goin on with LIFE???

wohoo hoo..LIFE has been a roller coaster for me la these few weeks...haha
the sweet, sour, bitter n salty parts of life..nyek nyek..all is well with me n my soul..
my soul havent run out from me body yet or else i wdnt b sitting in front of the comp typing this post..haha :)
anyways, HOW WAS CNY!!!???
well, its was n is still a veli prosperous cny..due to the fact that i am growing in size n my pants are getting more ketat...haih :(
so much food...glorious food..n my tummy cant contain all these food..the agony...
nvm, there are more cnys to come..hehe :)
well, besides the foods...there is this red thingy...all the aunties n uncles gv wan...hmm, i dnt knw wat is it so i threw them into the dustbin...hmm, when the next aunty comes to gv me the red packet i ran away coz i dnt wanna go to the dustbin again..
hmmm, i wonder wat the red thingy is??? =.=''
thats why la this year my profits for my needy organization *MY BANK ACCOUNT*
its due to d economy la, this year me ang pau money shuper shuper little as compared to last year... this is the saddening part...
but fortunately, i had a back up plan...nyek nyek >.<
i already told everyone to gv me 50% of their ang pau money to me needy organization...wakaka
so rmbr to pass me ur ang pau munny... :D all ur donations are much appreciated :P

well, its shuper beezeee this year...i didnt have a reunion dinner this year :(
saddening case nie la...din get to makan my auntie's cooking n din get to visit her hse...hmmm
n my uncle's family caem n stay at me hse...n we din really do anything but watch dvds la..
kinda boring lo....then everday ever since cny eve oso go my mom's shop till now...
din even get to rest :( there wasnt any cny holidays for me...haih...
semua orang happy happy saya pulak kerja kerja sahaja...haih :(
anyways, in everything give thanks la :)

hmm, so it was the 31st of january...n wat does 31st mean????
BASKIN ROBBINS!!!!!!!!!! ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!
haha...yea, n i got to eat baskin again...went to queens with *in alphebetical order* ben teoh, edward, chia ming, melanie, melvin and michelle yeoh... n phaik yong came along but for a while nie...hehe..she came just to see us there nie..so kam tong lo..
i tasted a new flavour...banana n strawberry and i forgot the other flavour...it has vanilla ice cream with caramel n cookies.. its shuper nice la..
then we went borders*i forgot how it is spelled*...haha
went there n look at colourful book covers...haha
then we came across a christian book of comfort... it was really a good book but it is shuper expensive for a small book.. so with my genius-ness, i drafted the nice nice quotes in my hp... clever rite??? i knw i am...wakakka..
after that we went for IGNITE!!!
we had a speaker from sri lanka...but was shuper sleepy to be honest :(
so disappointed with myself...haih..but i was just let by the spirit to just speak in tongues...n seriously God kinda spoke to me...haha..was a great experience la to see how God works..hehe

hmm, then last nite me went to balik pulau just to see food...haih..crazy rite..
haha..the see food there wasnt that nice la as i thought it wud b...but it was ok...
my uncle's fren brought wine n me terpaksa dring pulak..
thank God i din get mabuk n cnt walk straight...then me mom got to bring back the empty wine bottle which is kinda nice la..hehe..then she say she dnt wan..apala...thk God i say i wan...hehe..
so the bottle is mine now, all mine...muahaha..just acting out as a greedy person..

well, today wud b a beezee day.. i am at me mom's shop helpin out...
hv to act as ah long..go around penang collect money from customers...haha
i shud get a fake tattoo so that ppl wud b scared n pay me the money...wakaka
am still in a dillema of whether to work or not due to the fact that i hv to help me mom on valentines day n i might be goin to Kl this month...haih..
this week, wud b kinda beezeee too coz m goin for teori tmrw n practical this wednesday..hehe :)

so, u ppl have a great week n miss me for i wnt be blogging for this week sine i am so beezeee like a bee...haha..
so tune in next week for more exciting news :)
take care n have an awesome week...GOD BLESS YA!!!


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